Worst Places to Live in UK: Saltcoats Marked “Hellhole” and “Chavtown” in Review List

A website reviewed the worst places to live in the UK – and a town in Ayrshire made the cut.

Popular satirical review site I live here This is where people can go and relax in their area and they weren’t holding back.

Saltcoats is the only area in Ayrshire to make the list so far, and one resident has criticized the town.

The review said: ‘Eleven months ago I moved to a small seaside town in Ayrshire to be closer to work. Unfortunately, moving to Saltcoats turned out to be the worst move of my life.

“The first thing that struck me was the smell of raw sewage. I convinced myself that I could live with it. However, that was the least of my problems, as I later found out. .

“I contacted an old friend, who lives in Saltcoats, and arranged to go out for a drink later that evening, thinking it would be a good opportunity to visit the local bars and meet new friends.

“Later that night, as I was leaving my new home, for the two minute walk to the local Wetherspoons pub around the corner, I met a group of local *****, or **** as they are called in Ayrshire.

“At first I wondered if they were talking to me, ‘Ho you ya fucking daftie’, I looked around, hoping there was someone behind me.

“Worse luck, the troglodyte with the Burberry cap and fists dragging on the ground was talking to me. “Holy shit,” the gormless idiot spat, “I’m sorry, I don’t smoke,” I replied, trying to give him the best apologetic look I could muster.

“This was not a satisfactory answer for the Wren, however,” Ya *****! he growled. As I turned to walk away, hoping they would leave me alone now, I received a torrent of abuse followed by a bottle which, even though it didn’t. not hit, I’m pretty sure it was meant to do me some damage.

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“When I got to the planned meeting place, I told my friend about my experience: ‘Yes, don’t worry about that buddy, this place is full of ****, you will have a lot more’.

“I hoped he was wrong, but unfortunately for me he wasn’t.

“As we were leaving to visit another pub we passed another group of ***** and received comments such as ‘Ya couple of ******’ and ‘Dafties’. I tried to ignore them, where my friend hardly seemed to notice.

“Over the rest of the evening, I saw five fights at three bars, and encountered more ***** fist trails with limited vocabulary.

“Needless to say, I don’t go out to Saltcoats very often anymore.

The review continued, “I will soon be relocating to a small town just outside of Saltcoats, to escape the repetition of the type of events I have encountered over the past eleven months.

“Saltcoats, although it is only a small town, is by far the worst town in chav that I have encountered. If there is anyone considering moving to this hell, I would ‘urges him to reconsider his decision. “

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