Why Privado is the best free VPN service


VPN services may seem mysterious, but the reality is that they are simple to use and have a lot of benefits. Once you have installed the app on your phone, laptop or other device, you choose a server and press the “Connect” button.

This will redirect your device’s internet connection through that VPN server, encrypt data sent to and from it, and replace your IP address with a new one.

Let’s say this in plain English. When it comes to any website or web service (such as Netflix), the connection appears to be coming from where the server is located. So, if you choose one in the US, the websites will show you local dollar prices and you’ll see the same content Americans see on Netflix when you sign in to your account, even if your actual location is London. This is the best way to overcome regional blockages.

Second, encryption means your browsing is private. Your ISP, for example, cannot see (and record) the websites you visit and any plain text sent over the connection, such as emails, will be garbled and therefore unreadable.

Why use Privado VPN?

Great question. There are so many VPN services to choose from, so picking one can be tricky. Fortunately, Privado makes this choice easy because it offers a completely free service, so it won’t cost you anything.

You can use Privado on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Windows laptop, Mac – even your Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV.

Unlike most VPN services, Privado manages and operates its entire network and server infrastructure, and does not use any virtual server locations. This not only means better security for your data, but also gives you faster connection speeds.

Privado doesn’t record or track any information about what you do online either and, being based in Switzerland, your account is protected by some of the best privacy laws in the world.

Surely there is a catch if it’s free?

With most free VPN services, you would be absolutely right. But Privado offers the best free VPN service.

It’s the only one that lets you stream videos and unblock Netflix and other services, as well as download torrent files. It also gives you a choice of 12 different servers including US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, US, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Mexico.

And they’re exactly the same as the rest of Privado’s 200 servers – there’s no speed restriction, no reduction in privacy – it’s the same great service.

The only differences between using Privado for free and paying for the service is that you have 10 GB of data per month to use for free (otherwise unlimited) and you cannot download torrent files using the SOCKS5 protocol, this that won’t be a problem for most people.

What else should I know about Privado VPN?

Well, there are two other things to know: customer support is there 24/7 if you have any questions or difficulties, and the apps have a “kill switch” that prevents accidental leaking. your data if the VPN connection drops for some reason.

How can I get Privado VPN?

Just visit Privadovpn.com and create a free account. You will only need a valid email address: no card information is required. Next, download the app to your device from its app store, sign in with the account you just created, choose a server, and tap Connect.

If you want access to the full selection of servers as well as unlimited data, Tech Advisor readers can get 38% off the regular price by clicking the link above.

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