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‘Wandavision’ is the most pirated TV show released in 2021 on torrent sites. The popular Disney + series decreed “The Mandalorian” which topped the charts last year. “Loki,” another Marvel series, is ranked second and “The Witcher” rounds out the top three.

At the end of each year, we take a look at the most downloaded TV episodes among torrent pirates.

For several years in a row, the roster was ruled by Game of Thrones, but that reign ended last year after the series ended.

This changing of the guard coincided with the launch of several Disney + exclusives, particularly popular with the pirate public. Last year “The Mandalorian” was the most pirated TV series and in 2021, another Disney title tops the list.

‘Wandavision’ perfectly took the top spot on a list dominated by the Marvel series. The series was a hit on Disney + and pirate websites, with each episode downloaded millions of times.

The competition for the top spot was fierce with four titles clearly standing out among the rest. Disney’s “Loki” ended up settling for second, higher than Netflix’s “The Witcher”.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” settled for fourth place but was not too far in popularity from the top three.

What stands out the most is that all of Marvel’s “Phase Four” Disney + series are listed in the top 10. In addition to the titles already mentioned, “Hawkeye” in fifth place and “What if…? ” in sixth.

With the current streaming landscape being so fragmented, it seems that many people prefer to hack instead of paying for an “other” subscription. This certainly applies to Marvel fans.

Interestingly, Netflix’s “The Squid Game” hasn’t been a big hit among hackers, despite performing very well on the streaming service itself. In fact, Netflix’s “La Casa de Papel” has generated more interest among hackers. However, it doesn’t make the top 10 either.

It should be noted that BitTorrent traffic is only a small part of the hacking landscape. Most people these days use streaming sites and services, which usually don’t report viewing stats.

Below we have compiled a list of the most torrential TV shows around the world released in 2021 (single episode). Rankings are estimated based on sample data from multiple sources, including I Know and statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers.

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