Ubisoft claims third-party software causes PC to stutter in its games, does not mention Denuvo


UPDATE: Ubisoft has provided Game Rant with a statement regarding specific third-party applications.

“Our customer support teams published an article over three years ago detailing some steps recommended for players as a starting point for troubleshooting – it has been removed to avoid confusion. It is not our recommendation that gamers stop using specific PC apps unless they encounter a problem.

There is nothing more frustrating for gamers than when a new version performs sub-optimally, even when playing on a brand new PC. While later patches often fix such issues, optimizing game performance, there are some things that carry just as much blame for things like bad frame rate. DRM software is often the source of problems for many gamers, with some studios now removing it entirely. Despite this, Ubisoft thinks that the performance issues in video games are not due to its DRM, but other software running in the background.

According to a report, which refers to a tweet from Ubisoft posted a few days ago, when gamers notice that the company’s games are performing less than optimally, it is likely due to third-party software that is also open. The tweet then links to a help page on the company’s website, which instructs users how to disable background apps and / or how to perform a “clean boot” on a system.

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The report goes on to list what Ubisoft believes are the main causes of any stuttering issue in its own games. Among them are some popular programs that many use on a daily basis, like the Discord game chat client, as well as Skype. It is also possible, depending on the studio, that torrent software like BitTorrent or uTorrent is causing such problems, or even streaming applications like OBS. He even says things like f.lux, an app that darkens the screen to make nighttime viewing less tiring on the eyes, could impact game performance as well.

What’s interesting about this is that nowhere does Ubisoft say that the likes of Denuvo could be part of the problem, although DRM anti-sabotage software is known to affect frame rate during playback. In fact, when Shadow of the Tomb Raider though Denuvo had been deleted recently, a benchmark test showed the game to run much smoother. There was also the incident of a Resident Evil Village fan removing DRM technology, resulting in similar improvements in game performance.

Given the notable issues with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla upon release, many are not convinced that the programs listed by Ubisoft are the cause of performance issues during gaming. Some have fired back, responding to the tweet that it appears the company just wants gamers to use its own brand of software, such as Ubisoft Connect the launcher. The company sort of has a reputation for releasing games that are buggy and perform poorly on launch day, so many people feel like the studio is just trying to pull the wool out of their eyes.

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