Torrent Gold (CSE:TGLD) Investor Overview


Its strengths are only one aspect of a business and do not always determine its success. In addition to its projects, the management team plays an essential role in the company’s ability to capitalize on its deposits. Even the most ideal assets won’t reach their full potential with an inexperienced or ineffective team behind them. That is why evaluate a miner’s management team is one of the fundamentals of evaluating a company for investment opportunities.

How do you rate the leadership of a miner? A “dream team” will have experience in a few key areas: technical, operational and marketing. Technical expertise covers engineering, geology and metallurgy. Operational experience includes leading past businesses and projects to success. Marketing mainly focuses on how the company interacts with the public and the transparency it provides. Having a proven track record of success in these areas means the miner is more likely to achieve their goals and achieve the full potential of their projects.

Torrent Gold (CSE: TGLD) is a gold-focused exploration and development mining company supported by a management team with the right expertise and experience. The company’s flagship project is Jessup, a drill-ready gold-silver asset in Nevada. Jessup currently has a measured resource estimate of 331,800 gold equivalent ounces, and there is potential for additional deposits as much of the asset is unexplored. Torrent Gold’s management team has operational experience in Nevada, technical experience in gold, and prioritizes transparency throughout its organization.

Experts in engineering and geology complement the company’s management team. Patrick Loury, Principal Geologist, is the former Principal Geological Modeler at Nevada Gold Mines and currently serves as Principal Consulting Geologist for Prime Mining Corp. Jeff Lindstrom, Senior Mining Engineer, has worked in the mining industry for over 20 years and has been instrumental in helping two gold mining companies achieve their goals.

The experienced management team is now focused on its flagship asset in Nevada, a Tier 1 jurisdiction with a mining-friendly local government, robust area infrastructure and workforce qualified local. The Jessup project is in the underexplored San Jacinto area and has historical heap leach results indicating 84% gold and 27% silver, meeting the company’s requirements.

The company also has a portfolio of exploration properties across Nevada, each primed for a potential joint venture model, creating an additional revenue stream. Additionally, Torrent Gold is continuously evaluating new projects for potential synergy with Jessup and its early-stage assets. The company is also exploring its Clover Mountain project in Idaho, which has excellent development potential following additional exploration campaigns.

Company Highlights

  • Torrent Gold is led by a management team that has enjoyed success in previous gold-focused companies, with expertise and experience in gold exploration and development, as well as management and construction operations in Nevada.
  • Daniel Kunz, Executive Chairman, is the former CEO of Ivanhoe Mines and MK Gold Company as well as Prime Mining, playing a critical role in the growth and success of the companies.
  • Torrent Gold’s flagship asset, Jessup, has historic results that reinforce initial confidence in its potential, prompting the company to acquire and fully explore the project.
  • The Jessup project demonstrated a resource composition of 84% gold and 27% silver.
  • Torrent Gold also has exploration opportunities in its portfolio of early-stage assets in Nevada and Idaho, creating potential for a joint venture (JV) model.

Key projects

The Jessup project

Project Jessup

The Jessup Project covers 2,780 acres in Churchill County, Nevada, and includes 158 unpatented vein mining claims. The asset has a low royalty burden at 1.6% NSR. Historical heap leach test results have met the company’s 84% ​​gold and 27% silver requirements. Additionally, the asset has existing access to water, a must-have for any mining operation in Nevada.

Project highlights:

  • Located in underexplored San Jacinto: Nevada is a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction, but many areas, such as San Jacinto, remain underexplored. Jessup contains high grade gold-silver intercepts which indicate significant expansion potential, which previous owners have not explored.
  • Scheduled exploration campaigns: The company has a comprehensive exploration program planned for the asset which includes:
    • 2022:
      • Initial permits at a disturbance of less than 5 acres
      • Awaiting a technical report in accordance with NI 43-101
      • Site sampling, mapping, soil testing and other exploratory campaigns
      • Negotiations underway for additional space
    • 2023:
      • Permit for a 10-month large-scale drilling program
      • 100-hole coring program
    • 2024:
      • NI 43-101 Resource Report Update
  • Ideal geological characteristics: The asset exhibits the right geological characteristics indicative of rich mineral deposits. The project contains low sulphidation epithermal gold-silver deposits with deep structural oxidation and widespread silicification, which is controlled by veining and faulting.

Clover Mountain & Exploration Wallet

Clover Mountain & Exploration Wallet

Torrent Gold also has a large portfolio of early-stage assets that warrant further exploration and have the potential to become joint venture projects. Most of its assets are in Nevada and show potential for synergy with Jessup. The company also owns the Clover Mountain Project, its encouraging project in Idaho.

Project highlights:

  • The Clover Mountain Project: Located 60 miles southwest of Boise, Idaho, the asset is a new drill-ready exploration project, and drill targets have already been identified. Historical soil sampling indicated the presence of high grade copper and zinc.
  • Nevada Exploration Portfolio: Torrent Gold is continuously evaluating projects in Nevada for acquisition. Its current exploration portfolio includes:
    • Anchor: Gold property hosted in rock with undrilled targets.
    • Sandy: Gold property hosted in sedimentary rocks with a jasperoid zone.
    • Stateline: Gold-silver property with a 305 meter long high-grade metal vein.
    • Brick: High grade gold intersections with near surface deposits.
    • Easter: Gold-silver deposit with a 2010 historical resource report.
    • Viper: Gold asset with high grade gold drill intersections with unknown true width.

Management team

Daniel Kunz – Executive Chairman, Founding Director

Daniel Kunz is the CEO of Prime Mining Corp. He has considerable leadership experience in mining companies, as former CEO of Ivanhoe Mines, former founder/CEO of US Geothermal, senior executive at Morrison Knudsen Corporation, CEO of MK Gold Company and former director at Chesapeake Gold, where he worked for 17 years. He also built Castle Mountain and American Girl Mines.

Alexander Kunz – CEO, Founding Director

Alexander Kunz is a lawyer with a Master of Science. He has experience in management, corporate governance and exploration and development operations. He previously operated in mining jurisdictions such as Alaska, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Bolivia, Mexico and Canada.

Scott Davis – Chief Financial Officer

Scott Davis’ 22 years of experience includes CFO roles at several CSE and TSXV listed companies, as well as senior management positions, including four years at Appleby as Assistant Financial Controller, two years at Davidson & Company LL, Chartered Professional Accountants as an Auditor and five years with Pacific Opportunity Capital Ltd as Accounting Manager.

Pete Parsley – P. Geo, VP of Exploration

Pete Parsley has over 30 years of experience in mineral exploration and exploration geology. Previously, he was Vice President of Exploration at Thunder Mountain Gold and Chief Executive Officer at Triumph Gold Corporation. A former chief geologist for Tenneco Minerals, he was responsible for the Goldstrike district in Utah. He was also responsible for several projects with USMX, including the Illinois Creek Gold Project in Alaska and the Thunder Mountain District in Idaho.

Patrick Loury – M.Sc., Senior Geologist

With over 10 years of industry experience, Patrick Loury is an exploration and resource geologist. He is currently a Senior Consulting Geologist for Prime Mining Corp. and held several positions with major mining companies, including Senior Geological Modeler for Nevada Gold Mines and Senior Exploration Geologist for Kinross Gold Corporation. His experience spans several districts around the world, including the Carlin Trend, Nevada, the Fairbanks District, Alaska, the Maricunga Belt, Chile, the Okhotsk-Chukotka Belt, Russia, and the Sierra Madre District. Western, Mexico.

Jeff Lindstrom – Senior Mining Engineer

Jeff Lindstrom is a graduate of Boise State University in the Construction Management program. He has worked in the mining industry for over 20 years, including for Atlanta Gold and Thunder Mountain Gold. He has significant experience in AutoCAD and 3D modeling, as well as engineering and geological modeling. He has experience in construction management and mine modeling.

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