The Giants and Dodgers are both on track to win over 100 games. Here’s how rare it is. – Athleticism


Since 1900, only 49 teams have had a better winning percentage than the 2021 Giants across 127 games. If you break that down by season, it doesn’t seem that rare. There’s a team like that every two or three seasons, on average. But consider that there have been 2,528 teams that have played at least 127 games in a season since then. About 98 percent of them started this season worse than this year’s Giants team.

It is impossible to take this kind of departure for granted. The last time the Giants started better than that, Jim Thorpe and Christy Mathewson were on the squad.

There is a small problem with this, however. Since 1900, only 109 teams have had a better winning percentage than the 2021 Dodgers across 128 games. The club is not as exclusive, but membership fees are still prohibitive.

Friday morning, the Giants are on track to win 106 games. The Dodgers are set to win 103 games. This means that it is possible, if not likely, that an NL West team will win 100 games, but not the division.

How often does this happen? We’ll limit the search to the last 60 seasons, when the 162-game schedule was in place, but the short answer is “not very often”.

2018 AL East

Red Sox: 108-54 Yankees: 100-62

When I started my research and almost immediately found an example, I thought my whole thesis was nonsense. It happened all the time, apparently, and it even happened three seasons ago.

It doesn’t happen all the time. If you’re looking for a little symmetry to help you figure this out, you can almost split the 60 seasons with 162 games into thirds.

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