The best places to farm runes on top of the Mountains of Giants

Tired of farming low level areas for runes? Next, head to the peaks of the giants. It’s an endgame area in Ring of Elden and therefore contains more generous (albeit more dangerous) enemies. Granted, and as a disclaimer, the farm sites at Mountaintops of the Giants aren’t the best.

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In fact, they pale in comparison to the cheesy “bird-breeding place” of Mohgwyn Palace, which is also an endgame area. However, it is good to change the place of rune breeding to break the monotony and also to practice against certain enemies. Therefore, these Giant Mountain top areas should help players accumulate gigantic mountains of runes to prepare them for those late game bosses in Ring of Elden.


Frozen River East of Shack Of The Lofty

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From the Grace site of the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, players simply need to head north until they see a frozen river. They can ignore the giant if they wish and just follow that frozen river west. They will come across soldiers and other enemies skirmishes with batsetc

These guys are too busy to notice players while they are torrenting. Players can take refuge in the nearby Shack of the Lofty and just watch enemies kill each other for a few easy AFK runes. Once the fight is over, players can teleport to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Grace Site and repeat the process as it takes less than a minute to get there.

Castle Sol Eclipse Church

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Castle Sol is a dangerous area thanks to these phantom banished knights borderline cheating with their teleportation, but players can actually jump on these enemies. The Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace offers easy access to one of the banished knights protected.

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They are just outside the church a short walk from the Grace Site. Additionally, this lone banished knight will spawn with his back turned, which is a free stab. Besides the knight, there are also two or three exiled enemies that are much easier to take down. This farming location also offers good practice against those Banished Knights in case the stab goes awry.

Guardian Garrison

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Guardian Garrison is not an easy place to clear thanks to some big fire prelates who strike like a champ and deal massive fire and weapon damage. Near the entrance to the camp, however, there are only two miserable enemies guarding the palisades.

What else, just outside these palisades is a site of grace, literally staring at the lowly camp guards. Players can simply keep killing these two guards at the entrance until they accumulate enough runes. Another method is to summon a powerful Spirit Ash and throw it at the soldiers in the camp. A Mimic Teardrop should be enough to wipe it out in a few minutes.

Outside the Church of Rest / Outside the Fire Giant’s Arena

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Just outside the Fire Giant boss arena is an AFK rune goldmine. Because near the two Sites of Grace on this plateau, there is a group of trolls, giants, giant spiders and crows vying for monster supremacy. This should be an easy place to earn free runes.

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Each of these giant creatures grants a nice amount of late game runes and fighting them all fairly is too risky, especially hands and birds. If players want to be safer, they can use a Mimic Veil to disguise themselves and get closer. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the best safe spot, but the payoff is worth it.

Troll Caravan West of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield

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As always, troll caravans are first choice when it comes to rune farms. One of them is even accessible near the site of grace of the inner consecrated snowfield. Technically, this area is within the Consecrated Snowfield, but it should still count as part of the Giant’s Peaks region.

From Grace’s site, simply walk a little left or west and the two hairy trolls pulling a caravan will appear behind a hill. Melee attacking trolls will stop them and players will be free to kick their legs until they die. The rest of the caravan guards usually do not intervene. By the way, don’t attack this caravan at night because there will be an extra Ring of Elden safety equipment, namely two night cavalry bosses.

Troll Caravan northeast of the Consecrated Snowfield

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There are two troll caravans in the Consecrated Snowfield area and one of them is easily accessible from the main site of Grace’s Consecrated Snowfield (not to be confused with Inner). From Grace’s site, trot northeast with Torrent and he’ll come across the caravan.

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Again, attacking trolls in melee will stop them, and smaller caravan guards tend to stand still as long as players stick with the trolls. There are times when the Horn Blower will sound an alarm, so in some cases players may want to kill them.

Ruins of Yelough Anix

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Once again in the Consecrated Snowfield area, head west from the interior site of Grace’s Consecrated Snowfield, past the troll caravan. Players should keep heading west until they see ruins guarded by hooded trolls. These trolls are slightly different from those of Limgrave since their attacks cause a buildup of madness.

Beyond that, they are easy to take apart. All players have to do is push their legs and roll occasionally. To make farming smoother, bring spirit ashes. the Mimic Tear with a bleeding gun does wonders against these enemies.

Hidden Path to the Haligtree

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After players use the Haligtree Medallion to activate the secret function of Rold’s Great Elevator, they will first need to traverse a dungeon to get to the hallowed snowfield. This is the hidden path to the Haligtree and it’s actually a decent farming area.

Because once players have cleared the dungeon and activated the Site of Grace just before the exit, they can come back for more Runes. Enemies will have their backs turned. It’s easy to sneak up on them and finish them off using weapon skills before they can even react. For the giant sprawling monster, it’s easy to cheese it by staying on the stairs and bombarding it with the Moonveil or Blasphemous Blade weapon skills. Each run only takes a few minutes.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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