Sydney crypto king Andrew Parry’s abusive texts to his ex-girlfriend

A crypto millionaire from Sydney has confessed to being on a cocktail of ice and tequila, leading him to send a barrage of ‘abusive and violent’ messages to his ex-girlfriend, in which he threatened to shoot her and decapitate her.

Andrew Liam Parry faced NSW District Court on Wednesday to appeal his six-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of intimidation and breach of an apprehended domestic violence order.

The 37-year-old wealthy wannabe was in court in May this year when his ex-girlfriend took an apprehended domestic violence order, which prohibited him from contacting or near her.

However, on Wednesday the court was told of the excruciating ordeal the woman endured when he sent her a series of abusive messages while on an “ice and tequila cocktail”.

According to court documents, Parry, the man behind BTC Mine Australia, sent his ex a story about his fight.

He continued with several texts that Judge Deborah Sweeney described as appalling and which scared the victim.

“If I’m not here to protect you, you’re going to be shot or killed,” read one of the texts.

The woman told police she was too scared to leave her apartment, but a month later Parry started another attack.

The 37-year-old told the court on Wednesday there was no excuse for the messages he sent, but claimed his ex-girlfriend was “trying to stir him up” while he was ” a bottle of tequila and drugged”.

Using the “Apatrone22” Snapchat handle, Parry sent videos to the woman on July 7 showing how to break into homes and cars in less than two minutes.

“Call me or I’ll be waiting for you at your apartment when you get back,” one of the messages read.

Two days later, Parry launched into the “violent” outburst where he said the woman “fucked the wrong c**t”.

A message read: ‘The worst you can do is call the cops but I will attack them and if they shoot me I (give) no f**k’.

‘I’ll relax later after you beheaded and (got) shot by the dogs,’ another said.

“I (bring) a sawn (and) drive to Sydney… bring all the (f*****g) Leb rats and I’ll shoot every c*** in the head, including the c*** at the reception.”

The blast lasted from 12:46 a.m. to 8:09 a.m. on July 10, with the woman waking up less than an hour later to the barking of her dog.

The court heard she heard her ex-boyfriend’s voice waving at the dog and rummaging through her purse.

She called the police before telling Parry to leave and snatch her key from her hands.

A few hours later, Parry was arrested by the police. He was sentenced by the local court to six months behind bars.

Parry, who is listed in court documents as an ‘entrepreneur’ who earns $1.2million a year, spoke out and said he was ‘extremely ashamed’ of what he said and the attributed to his intoxication.

“Normally, when I’m sober, it doesn’t matter what people say; I’m not reacting, but I was in an overreactive state of mind,” he said.

“Obviously I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time.”

The 37-year-old told the court he had been ‘hurt’ by his ex, was ‘spinning out of control’ and fueled by drugs and alcohol.

“At the time, I was just trying to react to what she said to me and (I) hurt her emotionally as well,” he said.

The court heard that Parry ‘self-medicated’ his suspected ADHD with methamphetamine, which made him feel ‘normal’.

He said that “taking ice cream” given his condition “doesn’t make him crazy”.

“I’m ready to stop self-medicating, given that it led me to be here… Do I deserve it? Yes. Will I ever be here again? Absolutely not,” Parry told the court.

Defense lawyer Mario Licha told the court he ‘does not know’ how his client was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty in local court after no sentencing report has not been ordered.

He argued that Parry could complete his sentence in the community while seeking rehabilitation for his drug and alcohol problems.

However, Judge Sweeney criticized Parry for entering the woman’s apartment in the first place, as he had “a clear order” not to approach her.

“Why do we insist on blaming the victims? Why is it all his fault? asks the judge.

“He had an order that said you must not approach or contact her in any way; what is so difficult to understand in this?

Judge Sweeney told the court that Parry showed a “lack of insight” into his offense because he continued to blame the victim and showed no remorse.

She admitted he had been “shamed and embarrassed” by his behavior and had had a difficult time in detention.

Judge Sweeney allowed the appeal and ordered Parry to serve an intensive community correctional order for eight months, while staying away from drugs and alcohol and participating in counseling programs .

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