Succession, recap of episode 6: the Roman quarrels with a trendy online fascist, because of course

“Do you know what they’re doing in this suite? Tom asks Kendall this week Succession, as he leaves a secret reunion with the saddest boy Roy to return to the family hotel bunker. “They choose the next president. The impulse to compare the Roys to a veritable dynasty of media moguls, the Murdochs, has never been more pungent than here, in an episode that ruthlessly highlights Logan’s influence on the political landscape of SuccessionAmerica’s version.

Logan, Roman, Shiv, Tom, Greg and Connor spend this week visiting what Roman calls “a beautiful political conference full of like-minded individuals,” what Tom describes as “a beautiful safe space where you don’t have to. not pretend you liked it Hamilton“and what Kendall characterizes – smugly, on the phone with Shiv – as a weekend of” burning crosses and measuring skulls in Virginia. “What Tom tells Kendall is the truth: family – having managed to prevent the incumbent president from running for a second term by broadcasting constant coverage of his memory problems on their channel, ATN – is here to, as he puts it, “selecto El President. This disturbing setup makes it an episode of television especially damning to the power of billionaire media moguls to decide the fate of helpless civilians – not necessarily a revelation to anyone who even has a vague idea of ​​how contemporary capitalism works, but a good hour of TV when same.

An old stable workhorse

One of the big themes of this week is the extension of one of the central motifs of Succession as a whole – namely, the uncomfortable and jarring shock of the old and the new, a crash of dinosaurs and meteors that tends to lead to destruction. Logan, who is initially prepared to put all his weight behind the candidate who will dismiss the current director of the attorney general, announces that he wants Waystar Royco to take an “anti-tech position”. “[Tech]becomes too powerful, ”he growls. “Everybody knows that.” Roman, his self-confessed Extremely Online son, is horrified: “I just feel like sometimes we allow the melody to be played at my father’s tempo,” he asks, a rare criticism of his father who puts the two men in direct opposition to each other. It’s no surprise, then, that at the conference, Logan becomes attached to a middle-aged candidate referred to as a “stable old workhorse,” as Roman gravitates to a gooey and horribly obnoxious right-wing shock athlete from the name of Jared Mencken, who Shiv describes as someone peddling “YouTube provocative bulls ***, aristopopulism, rape is natural, it’s the red pill, baby!” “

The introduction of this trendy online fascist plays a part in a complaint some viewers have voiced about this season of Succession, which is the idea that the writers of the series have realized – too much aware, to the point of flattering – of his audience’s tendency to capture and tweet to death his most memorable lines. See Roman say the phrase “TikTok psychos [and] e-girls with guns and Juul pods ”finally gave me, I must say, the impression that I had looked so long into the abyss of Succession that the show, knowing that I’m a somewhat internet savvy millennial, immediately looked back. “So the fascists are cool, but not really either?” He said to the right-wing provocateur, the very image of a flippant edgelord with a penchant for describing things as “neoliberal.” “People trust people who look like them, it’s just scientific fact,” Mencken said softly, the word “white” not being spoken but being implied.

Roman needs a win in this week’s episode, after finding out his mother is remarrying via an acquaintance at the conference. Still aspiring Odipe, the discovery throws him into an emotional spin. “I just wanted you to know, the new daddy just fell,” he tells Kendall when he calls to break the news, adding, in a tone that makes it clear he’s talking to himself so much. to his brother: “I just wanted you to know that mom still doesn’t love you. At the end of the episode, he introduced his dad to his chosen candidate as if he was a kitten bringing a mouse back to him. the house. The air of Roman, in the background, remains as old: My heart belongs to daddy. (Hilariously, Connor Roy’s desire to run as a candidate was rejected almost immediately, although he was Logan’s real son.) That Menken was ruthless enough to call Logan an irrelevant ex-icon, and to describe ATN as a “5 p.m. cup of pudding in the nursing home,” should have made Logan turn on him, but either he admires the clever fascist killer attitude, or being seen as old and outdated is its only weakness. When Shiv tells him, horrified, that a candidate like Mencken would be dangerous, and that the current political climate would not welcome him, Logan puts aside his usual torrent of explicit language in favor of a bad pun: weather said i should back out [as CEO]. I guess I’m a climate denier.

Eggwatch, or: Hang your corporate crime trinket on one of my branches

The fact that writing about Tom and Greg’s relationship quickly becomes impossible without looking like the kind of person who writes fan fiction online could be seen as the result of the show’s writers picking up on the memes and desires. gloomy audience. Yet who cares when the material is this funny? When the two meet at a restaurant in a ridiculous attempt to get their stomachs used to cheap, bland prison food on the advice of “Tom’s prison consultant, Stephen”, it turns out that Greg has more than chewy omelets on top. “I’m worried about the prison,” he admits. “I feel like because of my length I could be the target of all kinds of mishaps.” He brings up the fact that Tom’s new nickname, presumably in place of “Terminal Tom”, is “The Christmas Tree”, the joke being that because Tom is probably already heading straight for the prison, other employees of Waystar Royco began to decorate it with their own little court scandals to escape punishment themselves.

“I was wondering if I could… with you,” Greg said shyly – a line that, alas, comes too late to have been cut in it. “Succession, but it’s a romantic comedy on the Tom and Greg fan trailer. “Are you asking if you can hang your corporate crime trinket on one of my branches, Greg?” Tom responds, the line isn’t technically an innuendo but still sounds somehow dirty. “Load me up, you shit.” At this point it seems to me quite possible that just like dusk fan-fiction eventually turned into Fifty shades of Grey, SuccessionThe fan-fiction community of may end up spawning a bestseller titled Fifty Shades of Greg.

Fisher Stevens, Alan Ruck, Brian Cox and Stephen Root in “Succession”


It struck me this week as well as one thing Succession had excelled in its underhanded and gradual fusion of courtship ritual and trade agreement – the show is almost entirely asexual, but the way its principles fit together, loaded and passionate, makes each chord feel like a outcome. The same thing happens when Roman first meets Mencken at the conference, and again when they both lock themselves in a hotel bathroom for some reason in order to discuss political strategy. “Most people want to fuck me or kill me,” says the YouTuber at The Red Pill. “That’s cool,” Roman smirked – doing what he might call “crazy eyes” – “two guys having disgusting fun.”

Finally, when Tom and Kendall secretly meet so that Kendall can take on the role of spy and offer Tom immunity in exchange for a change in loyalty, things heat up the same way. (Not since YouJoe Goldberg, incidentally, has a man who relied more on the transformative power of a pulled-down baseball cap than Kendall Roy.) “I don’t mean to be insulting,” Tom says, with almost awe-inspiring cool, “but It’s been a little while, and I feel like you’re going to fuck yourself. Because I’ve seen you get fucked a lot. And I’ve never seen Logan get fucked once.

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