Son spends 180,000 dinars on the App Store



The App Store App Store is known for the unlimited amount you can spend on it. This family found it difficult.

Isvor: Smart Life / Pixels / Julia M Cameron

Reached a doctor from North Wales in Britain Account for App Store purchases Amount 28 1 289, About 180,000 dinars. Many users around the world have issues with games Torrents download viruses and malware, This user thought that games born on iPod were harmless. Unfortunately for him, it’s best to download torrents because he did. His son Dragons: The Rise of Burke Paid repeatedly for play materials and accessories.

The App Store doesn’t let you pay, but it does The son remembered the father’s code The purchases were therefore made. His father succeeded 29 emails from the App Store Different sizes, from 2 to 100 pounds, but it is We thought it was some form of spam or corruption, Because he didn’t buy anything, and it was strange to him that anyone in the ’99s could buy anything in-game. Apple, on the other hand Promised to return part of the funds Upstream 207 poundsHe refused, saying he would file a complaint against the company.

From Toyota Iago to Yugo Xiao

In the meantime, the family will have to pay off the debt on the App Store Sell ​​your Toyota Iago car, If they had lived in Serbia, they would have been left with money for a Used by Yugo Xiao, To make it easier to say goodbye to your money.

On the other hand, situations like this (not from the App Store, not from Yugo Xiao) are not an isolated case, so it happened four years ago. An eleven year old child, From the United Kingdom, About 500 spent 7,500 From your father’s purchase card for your favorite game on iPad.

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