Shockwave is an amazing email client created by former Google employees

When it comes to email clients on Android, it’s hard to top Gmail. However, there are other options, and the Shock wave the mail client is one of them. Shockwave is a new email client developed by former Google employees.

Shockwave email client brings some cool features

In 2015, Google released an email client called “Inbox” and it has some great features and bundled emails very conveniently. However, Google decided to shut down this app in 2019 and move some features to Gmail. Not all features are complete and many users have been disappointed with it.

Today we learned that the service is back. According to android font, Inbox will return in a new form and be reincarnated as Shockwave. This app was developed by a team of ex-Google employees and plans to bring back the features we missed. Spearheading this venture is Andrew Lee, who is the CEO of the company and led the team that created Firebase.

So what makes Shockwave great?

The central idea behind the Shockwave email client is that your emails should be better organized. It’s so easy for your emails to pile up and become a mess. This is also something that affects Gmail. It’s typical for professionals to be bombarded with a torrent of emails every day, and there has to be a better way to organize them.

Enter Shockwave! Shockwave compartmentalizes your emails so you only see the ones you want to see when you want to. Emails are grouped into categories, so if you receive a lot of emails from a single source, they will all be placed in one folder. It’s also possible to pin folders to the top of the feed so you can get to them faster.

There is a tab at the bottom which will change the view to show your active conversations. It will only show you direct emails that you have replied to, which will help you keep track of the most important emails you need to respond to.

The interface as a whole is really well optimized for mobile devices. You don’t really feel like you’re using an email client sometimes. It’s like using a mobile messaging app. All UI elements are large and easy to read, and the overall aesthetic is pleasing to the eye.

This application is in the preliminary testing phase

I am currently using the beta version of this app and it works perfectly for me. If you want to try for yourself, it’s not as easy as downloading the app. First, you will need to join the company’s Google group. Then you will be redirected to the app page where you can download it from this point you will need to login with the same email address you used for the group. From there, you can enjoy the app and its features.

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