RSS raising religious conversion issues to distract from BJP failures: Mayawati

PTI, October 22, 2022, 3:00 PM IST

BSP Chairman Mayawati on Saturday alleged that the RSS was raising issues related to religious conversion and population policy to divert people’s attention from the failures of the BJP government at the Center.

She also said that the “silence” of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on the current situation in the country is damaging.

“The divisive voice that the RSS is now raising on the new population policy and religious conversion to divert the attention of the people of the country under the curse of massive inflation, unemployment, violence and disorder is quite This is a planned plot to distract from the failures of the BJP government,” the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh told a one-day convention of officials. his party’s state unit here.

“In fact, this RSS campaign is being picked up ahead of the upcoming (2024) Lok Sabha polls as part of a plot to support BJP and its government and it is very important to let people know about it,” said Mayawati. said in a statement issued by the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

She said it is ironic that the RSS backs the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in every election with “closed eyes”, but “never openly opposes the misguided and anti-people policies of its government”.

“His silence on the prevailing atmosphere in the country is not only sad but also harmful,” the BSP chief said.

His comments came on the heels of RSS General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale saying that religious conversions and illegal migration from Bangladesh are causing a “demographic imbalance” in the country.

Speaking to reporters after a four-day meeting of the Indian RSS working committee in Prayagraj on Wednesday, Hosabale said the organization was trying to raise awareness about the conversions. He also said existing laws to prevent religious conversion must be strictly enforced.

Mayawati, who gave the necessary directives to the BSP leaders for the upcoming local polls, also asked them to work with dedication and honesty to strengthen the party’s support base among the “sarv samaj” so that it appears as the fair and valid alternative to the BJP. .

“As things stand, people are sad because their experience of empowering the BJP for ‘achhe din’ (good days) was not good in any way,” she said, adding that ‘Instead of paying attention to development and public welfare, saffron-led governments seem to be spending their time and resources on anti-poor activities and mere rhetoric.

Hitting the government of Uttar Pradesh, she said the law and order situation in the state is deplorable, there is no rule of law and government authoritarianism continues.

Calling on BSP workers to make people understand that they will get justice and their problems will only be solved when their own government comes to power in the state, Mayawati said small cadre meetings should be held in accordance with traditions. party.

“There is no need for the BSP to follow other parties that support the rich and their royal styles, which looks like poking fun at unemployed youth and the middle class,” she added.

The BSP supremo also asked her partygoers to celebrate her birthday on January 15 as “Jan Kalyankari Diwas” with simplicity, sincerity and helping the poor.

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