Prepare for the Future: High-Quality, Graduate Business Education is Accessible, Affordable, and Flexible with Gies Credentials

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing world

That same New York Times The article suggests that people will get a new job every five years and “probably every one of them will require skills you didn’t learn in college.” This lends even more credence to the growing belief that a person’s educational journey is no longer a structured pipeline – from high school to college graduation to employment.

“Successful professionals demand non-linear learning journeys, with educational content delivered online, in small increments, that meet their specific needs,” said Jeffrey R. Brown, dean of the Gies College of Business. “Professionals today have many paths to achieve desired goals, and each path may require a different set of skills.”

The Gies College of Business is one of the first to combine a world-class education with convenience and affordability – and there’s no one better to help today’s learners stay balanced in our landscape. evolving than a top business school that has become a global leader in online education. . Since launching its online MBA – called iMBA – in 2016, demand for Gies’ online programs has skyrocketed. The College now enrolls nearly 6,000 online learners from more than 90 countries, while maintaining unprecedented retention rates and student satisfaction scores. As a measure of the quality of its programs, the vast majority of Gies learners – 93%, to be exact – said they were very or extremely satisfied with their experience. In addition to full graduate degrees, Gies offers smaller professional degrees, which are also delivered entirely online and are exactly the kind of on-demand, skills-based content that successful professionals need.

“At Gies, we are committed to providing access to life-changing business education – for anyone who wants it and is committed to pursuing it,” said Brooke Elliott, EY Professor and Executive Associate Dean at Gies Business. “We give learners the ability to stack their credits and do their work on their own schedule, wherever they are, allowing them to complete their training without interrupting their careers.”

University of Illinois Brand New Business Credentials

This fall, Gies Business is launching two fully online, credited graduate certificates in Strategic Leadership and Management and Accounting Data Analysis. If you are unfamiliar with this type of offering, this graduate certificate is a transcribed degree, signaling that you have earned credits from one of the best public universities in the world. In the same way that a complete degree signals to the world that you have mastered a wide range of knowledge, these graduate certificates show that you have acquired a specific and sought-after skill that can set you apart from the competition.

Applications are open now and classes begin in August. Each graduate certificate includes 12 credit hours and the certificates are designed to be completed in as little as four months. In these programs, you will learn how to lead, manage and collaborate with teams. You will also learn essential skills such as data-driven analysis and problem-solving to create actionable results. And because Gies specifically designs the curriculum and delivery for the online learner, you’ll be able to take what you learn and apply it immediately on the job. Whether you’re fresh out of college, lost ten years, or already have an MBA, these professional degrees can meet you where you are at in your own educational journey and take you to the next level.

Each graduate certificate program has multiple start dates, and materials are accessible anytime, anywhere. And these aren’t lectures or just asynchronous content that can be consumed at leisure – the certificates include live sessions and rigorous coursework that keep learners engaged, all taught by top faculty at the Gies College of Business.

The certificates themselves are university-level credentials on their own, with credits – a perfect complement for learners who already hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Additionally, they can be stacked into a larger degree program, such as Gies’ prestigious Online MBA (iMBA), Online Master of Management (iMSM), or Online Master of Accounting (iMSA). Gies plans to launch six additional certificate programs over the next year in areas such as marketing, innovation, managerial economics, value chain management, and more.

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