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As part of the US Trade Representative’s annual Special 301 Review, Peru provided a detailed update on its copyright enforcement plans and achievements. Peru’s intellectual property protection authority reports that it has partnered with music industry group IFPI, which will help identify and block problematic sites, including stream scraping services.

Each year, the US Trade Representative releases a new update to its Special 301 Report, highlighting countries that are failing to meet US copyright protection standards.

The annual overview is intended to motivate foreign governments to improve policy and legislation in favor of US copyright owners.

This year’s list will be released in a few weeks. One of the “nominated” countries is Peru, which is closely watched by rights holders. In response to the various questions that have been raised, the Peruvian National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) sent an update of its plans and achievements to the USTR.

Peru pledges to fight online piracy

These diplomatic updates are not new. However, they can sometimes offer better insight into the collaboration between states and private organizations that usually remains behind closed doors.

This is also the case with the last letter from Peru. Responding to questions and comments from rights holders, INDECOPI informs USTR that the fight against online piracy remains a priority.

Over the past year, the government organization has asked ISPs to block several stream mining sites, for example, and those efforts will continue.

“INDECOPI will continue the monitoring and surveillance in the digital environment of suspected piracy sites for the year 2022 and will take the corresponding measures to block illegal sites that would allow the downloading of works under the modality of stream ripping, as well only with regard to the transmission of sporting events via streaming.

Collaboration with the IFPI

To ensure nothing is left to chance, INDECOPI has teamed up with global music industry group IFPI, which it describes as one of its allies in the fight against online piracy.

IFPI puts pirate sites on the Peruvian government’s radar, but it also offers training and education, so that relevant authorities can increase their anti-piracy skills.

“INDECOPI has just signed a memorandum of understanding with IFPI a few days ago […] jointly implement cooperation mechanisms, particularly in terms of training and the exchange of information for the detection […] websites, as well as mobile and desktop applications, through which allegedly unlawful acts are committed or contributed to.

Information and education

Among other things, the IFPI will share information about infringing sites with the authorities. INDECOPI can then use this information to take legal action.

Last year, the government had already requested the blocking of 17 Internet sites by ISPs. These include the, Y2Mate and stream extraction services. However, with the help of the music industry, this list is expected to grow over the coming year.

IFPI has confirmed to TorrentFreak that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the Peruvian Intellectual Property Authority. One of the main goals is to exchange intelligence on the music piracy landscape and to contribute to ongoing blocking efforts and related investigations.

It is quite common for rights holders and their representatives to be involved in site blocking proceedings, whether through legal action or administrative proceedings. However, this is the first time we’ve seen it featured as a collaboration.

In addition to IFPI, Peru has also partnered with the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports. The two countries will join forces to fight online piracy and other copyright infringing activities.

A copy of INDECOPI’s letter to USTR is available here (pdf).

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