Nvidia hackers have now targeted Samsung • Eurogamer.net

Samsung would have “assessed the situation”.

Samsung was allegedly hacked by the same group that attacked Nvidia last week.

According to Bleeping Computer, the hacking group released nearly 190 GB of confidential data and code from a number of Samsung projects, including biometric data, source code from Samsung’s activation servers and “code comprehensive source of the technology used to authorize and authenticate Samsung accounts”. “.

Photos taken of the C/C+ directives in Samsung software were also leaked and then the data obtained via the leak was finally released via torrent sites.

Samsung reportedly “assessed the situation” but did not confirm whether or not it received a ransom note. It is unclear at this time if customer data has been compromised.

Nvidia was reportedly “completely compromised” by a cyberattack last week. A malicious network intrusion has affected Nvidia’s internal systems, including messaging and developer tools, which have suffered outages since last week.

Last year, a list of upcoming PC games was datamined and leaked by Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service, many of which have now been released or confirmed.

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