No Time to Die leak on torrent sites, hacking networks as Bond movie hits theaters


No Time to Die – Daniel Craig’s fifth and final Bond film now in theaters – has leaked from torrent sites and other networks that allow piracy, in varying quality and file size versions (from 849MB) at 2.90 GB). While most copies are arguably genuine, given the attached screenshots and user comments attesting to their legitimacy, some are fraudulent and exist only as a trap to load viruses, malware. and so on on the computers of unsuspecting individuals. But even with these genuine cases, the illegal copies of No Time to Die are of remarkably poor quality, have hard-coded captions, and / or are full of advertisements. Gadgets 360 does not tolerate illegal file sharing. It’s against the law and filmmakers deserve to be paid for the content they create.

The first legitimate version of No Time to Die leaked on multiple torrent sites on Thursday, September 30, just hours after its release in India, the UK, and parts of the world. They all carry the “CAM” label suggesting that they were filmed with a video camera in movie theaters. According to comments and publicly available screenshots, No Time to Die’s illegal rips feature either Hindi / Tamil sound or hard-coded Dutch subtitles. Plus, they’re filled with ad watermarks and even intermittent ad breaks for online gambling and betting sites. The subtitles are present on the film itself, while the commercials have been inserted digitally.

Luckily for MGM, Universal Pictures and the cast and crew of No Time to Die, the quality of the illegal No Time to Die rips recorded by cam is downright terrible. By publicly available screenshots, Gadgets 360 can be said to have serious issues with sharpness, detail, contrast, cropping, and / or color. We will not post any screenshots so as not to spoil part of the film. Gadgets 360 was unable to verify audio quality, although user reviews suggest it is echoed, muffled, and hard to hear. The full movie No Time to Die leaks only reinforces the fact that you should watch the movie when it’s officially available in theaters where you live.

Unfortunately, this might be easier said than done for some. The highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to be a major problem around the world. Maharashtra, the Indian state with the most movie screens, will not allow cinemas to reopen until October 22. Additionally, MGM (which handles distribution in the United States) and Universal Pictures (which handles distribution elsewhere) have yet to provide details on when No Time to Die may be available via premium video-on-demand, without talk about DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. If you can’t make it to the movies to watch No Time to Die, you’re basically out of luck right now.

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die stars Craig as the titular British MI6 spy, Rami Malek as villainous Lyutsifer Safin, Léa Seydoux as psychiatrist and the love interest of Bond Madeleine Swann, Lashana Lynch as new double-O Agent Nomi who took over Bond number 007 after retirement, Ben Whishaw as MI6 Quartermaster Q, Naomie Harris as Ms. Eve’s secretary Moneypenny, Jeffrey Wright as Bond’s friend for the CIA Felix Leiter, Christoph Waltz as Bond’s nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Ralph Fiennes as head of MI6 M, Billy Magnussen as agent of the CIA Logan Ash, Ana de Armas as CIA agent Paloma, David Dencik as scientist Valdo Obruchev and Rory Kinnear as chief of staff to Mr. Bill Tanner.

No Time to Die is now playing in Indian theaters in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. It will open on October 8 in the United States and elsewhere. No Time to Die is released on October 22 in Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra.

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