Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video users are making a costly mistake

As the cost of living crisis continues to wreak havoc across the UK, it’s probably no surprise to learn that levels of online piracy are on the rise. And while anyone who turns to illicit Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+ streams and downloads may think they’re saving money, it may cost them a lot more in the long run. This is because online hacking portals are littered with malicious links that can spread dangerous malware or try to trick you into handing over your bank details.

And as more and more people turn to illegal streams, James Walker, CEO of consumer data champions Rightly, warns online hackers about the risks of illegal streaming and torrent downloads they are not aware of. maybe not aware.

Speaking to, Walker said: “Sports and entertainment platforms are increasingly pirated amid broadcast fragmentation and high prices in turbulent times.

“Unfortunately, illegal streaming opens people up to scammers. These cybercriminals will try to catch people using various tactics to access bank accounts, commit fraud or install malware.

“Almost all illegal sites contain links to malware or deceptive content of some kind, many of which carry no security certificates. This means that criminals can see IP addresses and allow them to specifically target people.”

In addition to spreading malware, online hacking sites can be used to trick people into phishing scams that steal personal and financial information.

If hackers do eventually get their hands on this sensitive data, it means the money people are saving by turning to illegal streams or downloads could quickly evaporate, as hackers would have the keys to their bank accounts.

Walker advised: “There is no doubt that if you want to protect your personal and financial information, as well as the safety of your family, the safe and secure way to watch content is definitely through legitimate providers. The big players are taking the security seriously and it is in their interest to ensure that there remains a safe environment in which to view content.”

Here are some of the threats people face when they turn to illegal streaming and torrenting websites…

Malware: Threats include banking Trojans which are designed to access your bank accounts and other financial information in order to steal your money.

Spyware/Adware: This malware spies on your keyboard clicks to show you particular advertisements that encourage you to click on certain links. He can also watch you secretly through your device’s camera.

Phishing: This is where people are tricked into revealing personal information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, in an attempt to take control of user accounts and steal their money.

Fake browser or operating system updates: Generated by illegal sites to trick you into downloading something useful to cyber criminals.

Besides risking your device’s security and personal information, accessing illegal streams or downloading fake torrents is illegal.

And even if you think you can escape the wrath of rightsholders, in recent years program makers have gone the extra mile to crack down on copyright infringers.

Last year, Virgin Media subscribers in the UK who allegedly pirated the Hollywood film Ava – which could be viewed legally on Netflix – received a letter warning them that they could be fined £800 for illegally watching the film.

They were told to pay a hefty fine or face legal action.

You were warned!

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