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When local courts first grant copyright owners permission to block a pirate site, it is almost certain to be the first of many similar requests.

In the UK, copyright owners have been blocking pirate sites for over a decade and every month more sites are added to the ever-growing list. Operated under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, blocking orders are enforced by the major ISPs, who together control the vast majority of the market.

A site or domain blocked on one ISP will be blocked by everyone else, which means domains become permanently inaccessible or users are forced to turn to bypass tools such as VPNs. However, these types of workarounds do not deter Hollywood studios, which continue to add domains to the UK’s unofficial blacklist.

New additions to the pirate site block list

Following many similar requests over the years, the Motion Picture Association has now obtained permission to block even more domains. Released by ISP TalkTalk, the latest additions are mostly pirate streaming platforms, with the direct domains / URLs detailed as follows:,,,,,,,,,, myflixerhd. ru,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ww1.123movies .online,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, and

MPA also targets “bypass” areas

When rogue domains are blocked by injunction in the UK and elsewhere, services often configure themselves to re-enable access to those domains. Some simply act as mirror sites, but proxy services are also popular. In many cases, these facilitate access to major players such as torrent sites RARBG and EZTV or free blogs such as SCNSRC. This lot continues the trend and reads as follows:,,,, ,,,,, ,

Blocking domains at the ISP level is just one tool available to groups like the MPA. The seizure (or technically a takeover) of “hacked” domains, which are often handed over as part of a settlement agreement, is much more permanent.

ACE “seizes” even more pirate IPTV domains

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the global anti-piracy coalition of which the MPA is a member, has enjoyed particularly significant success in recent years. The group has taken control of over 200 domains and is adding more to its growing list every month.

It is difficult to determine precisely when an action against particular services takes place, but sometimes after ACE has contacted a service, vendor, or provider, there is a period when the platform ignores requests from the anti-group. -piracy and continue anyway, or agree to shut down and hand over their domains.

Over the past two weeks, ACE / MPA have added more to their collection.

Smart 5G TV ( recently announced that it is increasing the capacity of its servers to reduce buffering in the United States. However, as this article on Reddit reveals, the subscription to the service did not always go as planned. One user reports that after paying money, the service broke – no surprises to guess what happened.

Using similar charts and domains, and appear to have been connected.

“Cut the cord with the best service on the market, eFire. With the new SOPlayer app, you will get the best viewing experience on the market. Sign up today! ”The platform recently urged on its homepage.

This offer now appears to have been discontinued as both domains now display the familiar ACE grabbing banner before redirecting to the ACE Anti-Hack Portal.

new ace grabbing banner

Similar circumstances can be applied to Dynasty TV, which, according to a report from Troypoint, went down in September. It is now confirmed that the IPTV service, which operated from and, received an approach from ACE and subsequently handed over its domains to the anti-piracy group.

Finally, the streaming site, which seems to have specialized in content dubbed in Portuguese, has also fallen into the hands of ACE. It doesn’t appear to have generated much traffic, but the site’s deletion adds to the momentum of the anti-piracy coalition, which shows little sign of slowing down.

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