Mom to sue Japanese producers for suicide of Netflix star

The mother of a Japanese Netflix reality TV star who took her own life after being abused online for losing her temper in an episode, said on Thursday she would sue the great station that produced the show.

Pink-haired professional wrestler Hana Kimura, a cast member of the hit Netflix series “Terrace House,” died last year at the age of 22 while the show aired.

The show was canceled after Kimura’s suicide, which also prompted Japanese ministers and lawmakers to revise laws to more easily identify cyberbullies.

Her mother Kyoko said she would file a lawsuit against Fuji Television and a production company next year, seeking compensation.

“I want them to sincerely tackle the problem, not just think about defending themselves, and find out what the problem was,” she told reporters.

Kimura was a fan favorite of the internationally acclaimed show, in which six young people share a home while looking for love.

But she has been the target of a torrent of abusive online comments, such as “everyone will be happy if you are gone”, particularly after an episode in which she lost her temper after a roommate had left. accidentally damaged his expensive wrestling costume.

Kyoko Kimura reportedly claimed that the show’s staff encouraged her daughter to escalate the drama.

This year, the Tokyo District Court ordered Fuji TV and the production company to submit scripts, premade footage and other material at the request of Kyoko’s lawyers, according to Japanese media.

But they refused, citing “professional secrecy”, according to the daily Asahi Shimbun.

In May, a man who tweeted “Everyone is happy because of your death. Thank you” after Kimura’s death was fined 1.29 million yen ($ 11,300).

Another man was fined 9,000 yen in March for online abuse directed at Kimura, without the case going to trial.

He had texted the wrestler online saying “You have such a horrible personality. Is your life worth living?” and “Hey, hey. When will you die?”

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