Markiplier Bloopers that make us love him even more

One of Markiplier’s most popular long-form comedy sketches, “The drowned man“, released in 2019 as a three-part series. During this series, Markiplier takes on the role of a spirit medium attempting to solve a supposed haunting of a house. As the investigation unfolds, it ironically becomes clear to the audience that the haunted house just needs some basic plumbing work.

Trying to get to the root of the water problem, Mark ventures into the basement of the house to investigate the water heater. In an excerpt from this sceneMark stays in character as he tells his haunted victim, Boggs (played by fellow YouTuber LordMinion777), that need feel the water heater to get a good idea of ​​water energy throughout the house. Taken at face value, Boggs touches the water heater and Markiplier stammers: “Don’t feel it, it’s hot.

However, the water heater is actually cold, which apparently breaks the logical axis of his character. For something to be hot on the surface, for the character of Markiplier, it takes also be warm inside. To prove it, he uses his own body as a test case. Prompting Boggs to feel his body to prove his point about internal heat corresponding to external heat, Markiplier comes to the conclusion that he himself is hot.

Whether Mark is referring to his skin temperature, his internal body temperature, or the warmth of his physical appearance is unclear. However, it’s abundantly clear that Markiplier masterfully blends the line between in-character comedy and out-of-character comedy when filming his sketches.

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