Louis CK attempts comeback by selling his new show, sorry, online

Disgraced comedian Louis CK is bringing back his brand of humor in an attempt to come back with shows available for purchase on his website.

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It’s been five years since comedian and actor Louis CK found himself at the end of a spate of sexual assault revelations that saw his eponymous TV series canceled and the star disappear into obscurity. As reported by Uproxx, the star is trying to overcome her past misdeeds and stage a comeback with a recorded special that was filmed over the summer at Madison Square Garden, which is simply titled, sorry. Before the allegations of his fault, CK was one of the greatest comedians in the world, but that changed overnight in 2017.

Even before the full extent of the allegations became public, there were those who worked with CK who began to turn their backs on the comedian, including Tig Notaro, who at the time was unwilling to explain why she had broken up. ties with him, but the incident that had sparked it was enough for him to end both his working relationship and his personal friendship. In 2017, five different allegations were made against CK by women claiming the star had committed a sexual act in front of them, which led to his follow-up as a director. Pootie Tang, I love you, daddy, being pushed aside by the distributors and from there it was a very fast downward spiral.


The new CK special is available on the comedian’s website for $ 10, a price that includes a one-year streaming license to the site and an HD digital download. Be recently announced on a TV show Saturday Night Live, the star is hoping there will be enough people intrigued by the title to pay to watch, but according to reviews so far the special has received mixed reviews. A clip from the special is available on CK’s official YouTube channel for those who want a sample of what to expect from the performance that pokes fun at everything from pedophilia to the current global pandemic.

From the clip, it’s clear that Louis CK is targeting the same audience he always had, providing a limitless torrent of crude and controversial jokes that originally made his name, and although the subject matter does reflect not necessarily the actual opinions of the comedian, as many controversial comedians will say, it might be a bit too close to the bone for some to fit in fully. Plus, the time of the special comes as Sex and the city Star Chris Noth has found himself on the end of assault and rape charges, which means many will think the timing of the release could be better.

While people will be deciding whether to pay to watch the show or not, the title “Sorry” might end up being a bad choice given the comedian wasn’t really seen as showing a lot of excuses. for the actions that led to his disgrace. No doubt these same people will see the title as another joke over the whole debacle.

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