Location of the Elden Ring Seaside Ruins

Given the size of the open world of Elden Ring, some places like the seaside ruins can be difficult to find. Here is where this grace site is located.

Elden Ring’s The massive open-world environment is littered with details, secrets, and interesting locations. Grace sites allow players to move around efficiently, although the tarnished must first find these grace points and touch them to activate them.

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One of these grace sites is the ruins by the sea Ring of Elden. Players struggling to find this location need look no further than this short guide, and they’ll also be happy to know that this Grace Site isn’t very far from the game’s first Grace Site.


How to Find Seaside Ruins in Elden Ring

From the site of the first step of gracewhich is located directly outside the gate through which players first emerge into the beautiful landscape of Limgrave, rather than following Grace’s advice, players should turn right and head behind the building.

There’s a safe stone path they can follow down, with a bunch of enemies by the nearby lake and a large hole in the ground with a body and an abandoned cart. The path to this area also features a corpse with a Smithing Stone on it, so be sure to pick it up.

Keep following the cliff to the south, in front of another group of flying enemies on some cliffs. Players can easily dodge them by running past with Torrent until they reach the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace which should appear soon after. For reference, there is a collapsed ruin nearby, under which they can find Yura, Bloodfinger Hunter near a campfire and talk to him.

The cliff at this Site of Grace has a path players can take down to the beach below as long as they are riding Torrent. A Slender Wayfarer can be found wandering around a lit bonfire, and killing it will reward the player with Ashes of War: Gravitas.

Head up the beach to the north and players will find a small entrance. If they follow this path, they will come across a hanging corpse, as well as the Haligdrake’s Talisman. Once finished at the beach, return to the Grace Site of the Seaside Ruins. Walking a little south of the cliff will lead the player to a Golden Rune next to a large rock. That’s about all there is here, but players should keep heading south to further explore this early game location.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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