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Over the past five years, the snahp.it hacking streaming site has provided information and links to all kinds of pirated content, including movies and TV shows. The site operated in the so-called DDL niche, relying on content hosted elsewhere to serve its users. Citing safety and security concerns, the site is now closed, despite healthy traffic levels.

At the turn of the century, when server bandwidth was limited, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing stepped in to solve the problem. Rather than a small number of individuals footing the bill, sharers took their share of the traffic by sharing content with their peers.

By the mid-2000s server bandwidth became much more affordable and over the years storing media for direct delivery to end users has become a much more viable option. This gap in the market was bridged by early pioneers including Megaupload and Rapidshare, but that was just the start of a market that was about to explode.

By the early 2010s, there were dozens of major file hosting platforms where movies, TV shows, games, apps, and other content could be stored for direct download. However, since most of these sites did not have a public indexing feature, the key issue was finding a way to direct users to the content. This is where the DDL (Direct Download or Direct Download Links) sites came into play.

Platforms like RLSLOG have been operating in this niche for years by reporting pirated versions and then providing direct download links to content stored on external services. This site threw in the towel this week, a fate which is now shared by Snahp.it, a newcomer to the market but which has nevertheless made its presence felt.

Snahp.it aimed to provide a better DDL experience

While there is no shortage of similar DDL sites, Snahp.it said their goal is to provide a better DDL experience. The main goal of many hacker-focused file hosting services (often referred to as “cyberlockers”) is to make life so difficult for downloaders that they give up and buy premium subscriptions.

By claiming to link to less exploitative file hosting services, Snahp.it hoped it could stand out from the crowd with a more user-friendly experience.

After being founded in 2016, Snahp.it has developed a large and loyal user base but this week, just like RLSLOG, it has also thrown in the towel.

“Today, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Snahp, with a heavy heart, we are announcing the end of the blog with immediate effect,” said a notice on the site.

“Snahp was originally launched in 2016 to replace the riddled DDLs of the worst possible file hosts. However, the top priority for us has always been the safety and security of each and every member of this blog, which has become a growing concern of late. “

snahp-it stop

When it comes to hacking-focused file sharing platforms, the terms “safety and security” are most often associated with legal issues. The site doesn’t mention any specific threats, but considering SimilarWeb’s reports that the site still has around four million monthly visitors, throwing it out wouldn’t have been a decision taken lightly.

Snahp.it is regularly targeted by ACE members

While no direct threats are mentioned by Snahp.it, the site regularly receives the attention of major copyright holders, including those who are members of the global anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

According to Google data, in the past month alone, the site has been targeted by takedown requests from some of the biggest names in film and television, including Disney, NBC Universal, Studio Canal, Sony Pictures, Fox. and Columbia Pictures.

The numbers of DMCA takedowns are not huge compared to Snahp.it’s overall traffic, but there is clear interest from major copyright holders and while threats have not already been received, the Considerable levels of ACE activity suggest that this probably would not stay the case forever.

As revealed in Snahp.it’s shutdown message, the site has grouped its posts together if anyone wants to download them for posterity.

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