Land of pirates: interest in torrents has exploded in Russia

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According to the latest data, Russia has noticeably increased traffic on torrent trackers. In the second week of March alone, it rose 21%.

The sharp increase in interest in torrents in Russia occurs against the background of the fact that a number of services and companies have left the country’s market. This happened due to the sanctions imposed by various countries and at the initiative of the companies themselves after Russia started a war in Ukraine.

Russian media reports growing interest in torrents linked to one of the country’s largest telecom operators. According to him, last week

traffic to torrent trackers increased by 21% compared to December 2021, and the data flow of video game distribution platforms has dropped by almost 30%.

In the social network “VKontakte” traffic increased by 95% (against the background of the closure of social networks Facebook and Instagram and the recognition of Meta as an extremist organization), in RuTube it did not change in the first half of March.

According to some experts, the growth of traffic on torrent trackers may be associated with DDoS attacks, which, with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, go to all Russian sites. p>Representatives of ZMI’s RuTracker were informed that during the rest of the hour the mass registration of Chinese IP addresses was monitored, in addition, the registration in rich vipads was for the additional email of the domains Russians, and behind obvious signs of mail from Russian domains, automatic scripts were generated. As a result, the maydanchik temporarily blocked access to Chinese and Russian IPs, and registration was restored.

RuTracker said that they are not going to resume work in Russiaeven if it is unlocked by Roskomnadzor.

What are the Russians who download torrents

Meanwhile, experts call movies and video games the most popular content in torrents, as currently accessing them legally on many sites is completely impossible. Traffic volumes from torrent sites are expected to only increase.

Recall that Netflix, Spotify, Megogo and a number of other similar companies and services have left the country. They were joined by Hollywood companies and video game creators. As a result, Russians cannot legally buy music, movies, games, series and other entertainment content.

Earlier, there were proposals in Russia to legalize piracy and abolish penalties for using unlicensed software and other products. Interestingly, Russian experts themselves are not entirely enthusiastic about such an idea.

As Vasily Ovchinnikov, adviser to the director of the Russian Foundation for the Development of Information Technologies, said, “from the moment the idea of ​​legalizing piracy in any form appeared, we thought it was a dead end”.

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