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Amazon Kindle books can be read on Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets, and other smart devices with Kindle software installed. When a device is linked to an Amazon account, all Kindle books associated with that account are immediately synced when the device is connected to the Internet.

We will need to manually transfer books from computer to Kindle if we want to read non-Amazon books on Kindle or if purchased Kindle books are not appearing on the device due to connectivity issue. This tutorial will show you how to transfer books from your PC or Mac to your Kindle, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle for Android/iPad app.

How to Transfer an Ebook to Kindle

Step 1. Make sure your personal books are in MOBI (drm-free) format

Amazon Kindle does not support EPUB books, but it does support MOBI (DRM-free) and PDF formats. Personally, I prefer MOBI to PDF because the former is more flexible and more readable.

But most of the books we download from torrent sites are usually EPUB files. If you want to transfer these books to Kindle for reading, the ideal solution is to convert them to Mobi.

And if you want to transfer e-books purchased from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony or other stores to Kindle, things will be a bit difficult. These books are usually DRM protected, so we can’t directly convert the formats. Instead, we need to remove DRM restrictions first. DRM-protected PDF books should also be decrypted because Kindle only supports DRM-free PDFs.

In a nutshell, before transferring files to Kindle, we need to confirm 2 points: The files are DRM-free; Files are in Kindle Mobi format.

Step 2. Transfer Books to Kindle, Kindle Fire (HD) and Kindle Apps from Computer

Once the books are opened in MOBI or PDF, we can easily transfer them from PC/Mac to the Kindle app, Paperwhite, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle Android/iPad with USB or wirelessly.

To transfer books to Kindle

  • Connect your device to the computer via USB.
  • Double-click the drive to open it and view folders.
  • Select the item you want to transfer (mobi or pdf).
  • Copy the books to the (Documents) folder of the Kindle reader.
  • Or you can also use the Send to Kindle email address.

For each case below, I mainly explain how to transfer MOBI eBooks to Kindle with USB, which also works on PDF documents. To transfer books to Kindle without USB cable, first you need to know the device email address (mentioned in each case) and then send your books to the device/app address indicated.

  • 1. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle/Paperwhite eReader
  • 2. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle Fire (HD) Tablets
  • 3. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle App for Android
  • 4. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle iPad App
  • 5. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle without USB

1. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and other Kindle e-ink readers

Here I take the Kindle Paperwhite for example.

  • Connect your Kindle device to your computer with the USB cable. It will be recognized as a “Kindle” reader.
  • Drag and drop MOBI books to the “Documents” folder on the Kindle reader.
  • Eject the Kindle from the computer. Uploaded books will be displayed on the “Device” shelf.

Send to Kindle Paperwhite email address:

Tap the menu icon (top right corner) from the home screen, then tap “Settings” -> “Device Options” -> “Customize Your Kindle” -> “Email to Kindle email”.

For Classic Kindle, select “Settings” from the home screen menu, and use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to get the Send to Kindle email.

2. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

Here I take the Kindle Fire for example.

How to Transfer MOBI or PDF Books to Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD with USB:

  • Connect your Kindle Fire (HD) to the computer with the USB cable and it will be recognized as a Kindle reader.
  • Copy and paste your MOBI books into the “Books” folder on the Kindle Fire (HD) reader.
  • Check transferred books by tapping “Books” (in the top menu bar) and then tapping “Device”.

Send to Kindle Kindle Fire Email Address:

Tap the top right corner, select “More…” -> “My Account” to get the device email address.

Note that the Kindle Fire (HD) does not come with a USB cable. If you don’t have a USB cable, get the Kindle Fire’s Send to Kindle email address and transfer MOBI or PDF books wirelessly.

3. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle App for Android

Here I take the Nexus 7 for example.

  • Connect your Android tablet or smartphone to the PC.
  • Navigate to the “Kindle” folder on your Android device’s storage. Copy and paste the MOBI books into this folder.
  • Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Kindle app, then select “On Device” to check transferred books.

Kindle delivery email address for the Kindle app for Android:

Tap the menu icon (upper left corner), then “Settings” to get “email address to send to Kindle”.

4. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to iPad/iPod/iPhone Kindle App

There is no way to directly transfer MOBI books to Kindle iPad/iPod/iPhone app with iTunes. In this case, we can use the Kindle messaging system to send personal MOBI books to the Kindle for iPad app email address. PDF files can be transferred to iPad with iTunes (opened with iBooks by default) or Kindle for iPad email (opened with Kindle for iPad app by default).

Kindle delivery email address for the Kindle app for iPad:

Tap the gear icon in the lower right corner and select “Email address to send to Kindle”.

5. Transfer MOBI/PDF Books to Kindle Wirelessly (Without USB Cable)

As long as we know the email addresses of Kindle devices or apps, we can wirelessly send DRM-free MOBI and PDF books to Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle for Android/iPad.

a Add your own (sender) email address to the Kindle Approved Personal Documents mailing list.

Go to Manage Your Kindle to sign in, go to “Your Kindle Account” in the left menu, and select “Personal Document Settings.” Pay attention to the “Approved personal document email list” and select “Add new approved email address”. Enter your e-mail address then click on “Add an address”.

Compose a blank email (empty subject and body), attach your MOBI or PDF documents, and enter the email address to send to Kindle.

Tap the sync icon on your Kindle device or Kindle app. Within minutes, you will find submitted MOBI and PDF documents in the “All Items” and “Documents” (cloud) categories.

Final Words: How to Transfer an eBook to Kindle

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