How to Install and Setup uTorrent: Complete Getting Started Guide

uTorrent is a BitTorrent client, which is a protocol designed for peer-to-peer file sharing, developed by BitTorrent Inc.

It is an application that is present for both the Windowsmac OS, android and Linux.

The version everyone downloads is the freewhich has all the features active, although we have to support its advertising. If we want there to be no such advertisementswe will still be able to afford the $4.95 annual fee.

to exist others two paid versions like the Pro, where what we download will be scanned so that it does not contain malware or other types of viruses, in addition to the Pro+VPN, the addition of which is the possibility of configuring a VPN system up to to 5 devices.

There is also a very interesting web version to perform all the tasks of this program. but without installing anything.

Now that we know better what we are talking about, let’s see how to install it and how we must configure it so that everything works satisfactorily.

uTorrent Guide:

Download uTorrent

Although its use is quite simple, it can be somewhat complicated for new users, and it is precisely for this reason that we bring you a Complete uTorrent Getting Started Guide.

The first step in our manual for install and configure uTorrent is to download the app. It is available completely free on its website, so if on another portal they ask you for money in exchange, it is most likely because they are trying to cheat you.

On the web we will have the basic version completely free and the paid versions, as we have already mentioned. If uTorrent is to be used at the user level, the basic version will be more than sufficient.

Clicking on the classic version will start the process and you will already have started download utorrent.

Install uTorrent

In the second step for install and configure uTorrent keep in mind that the download tends to be quite quick, and once it’s finished you’ll need to open the resulting file to get started install uTorrent.

The first thing that will appear will be a window that will function as a program installation setup wizard. The first step is simply to click on Next.

Then the uTorrent license terms will jump to us (yes, the ones no one reads when installing a program).

From ComputerHoy, we’re going to recommend that you always read them, and once you’re done, click I agree.

The configuration screen that appears later allows us to change some settings depending on the use you want to give to the application.

By default we will see them marked, although it is practical uncheck Start uTorrent when Windows starts so that it does not start every time we turn on the computer. On the contrary, leave marked Add exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall yes it is more recommended.

From this moment, in the two or three windows that will appear, different recommendations of applications to install will start to appear with uTorrent.

It is better to indicate that they are not of interest to us by unchecking boxes such as Yes, I would like to check this download or tag others as I do not accept That is Skip If you give us the chance.

Configure uTorrent

After that, we will have successfully integrated the program into our computer.

The next step is to start with the basic configuration of the program, to ensure that it works correctly from the start, so we must open uTorrent.

The next thing is to click Choice and in preferencesas the following picture shows.

We are going to explain the program preferences sections one by one, in order to configure uTorrent and leave it ready for its best use.

The first is the one that appears by default when you open the preferences, General. In this first tab we can modify the less specific configuration, such as the update options, the language of the program or if we want to let uTorrent start when we turn on the computer.

The next important tab is Folders. From here we can select the default folder where we want all files downloaded from torrents to be saved.

We can also select an option so that once the files are downloaded, they are moved to another folder that we have selected.

then, we have Linktab from which we can configure uTorrent with some more complex options which, although not mandatory, help to improve the speed of the program.

The first thing is to change the Port used for incoming connections for the one that we have already opened in the router (although we can also leave the one that is indicated by default, since it usually works well).

From this same screen we can also activate other options such as Add Windows Firewall Exception to download certain types of files (we don’t recommend this if it’s not for a specific download), or play with the various uPnP options and the Proxy server, provided you know how they work.

The list continues with the tab Bandwidthwhich has some of the most interesting options to take advantage of the torrent client, since from it we can modify the download and download speed limits according to our Internet connection.

These modifications are mainly made to allow downloads (and uploads, important too) to consume or not all the connection potential. In this way, if we want to enjoy online videos on the Internet and our connection is not very good, we can reduce the speed of the program.

The limiter This is very convenient in Internet connections that work with maximum MB (in the same way that it usually happens with connections on mobile devices), because you can apply certain filters so that the program stops downloading or download files when it reaches certain number.

The penultimate tab is Tail It is the place from which we can select the maximum number of torrents to download depending on the strength of our Internet connection.

If we have downloaded many files and they exceed the number indicated in the list, they will queue and wait their turn until the first ones are downloaded.

We finally have proofreadingwhich simply allows us to select the program with which we want to see the downloaded files or torrents.

The program has its own player, but you can select another one if you prefer.

Once all these steps have been completed, we will have reached, install and configure uTorrent to get the most out of it and be able to download the files that we deem necessary at high speed.

As you have seen, it is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

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