How to download torrents on iPhone / iPad

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Check out how to download torrents on iPhone / iPad

Downloading torrent files is legal, but downloading copyrighted material through torrents or otherwise is illegal. Many of you might have wanted to download torrent files to your iPhone or iPad, but it didn’t work. But this is where all your research ends. This method not only works, but it also protects your privacy. Downloading torrent files often results in corporate or ISP copyright infringement. Although you can avoid it by using a VPN to download torrents. But if you follow this method, you won’t have such problems because your ISP will never know that you are torrenting on iPhone or iPad.

Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad

  • Find a torrent tracking website that allows you to find the torrent you want to download. You can do a Google search for torrent sites that work.
  • Open iDownloader or UC Browser.
  • Go to the torrent download site and find the torrent you want to download.
  • Long press or long press the magnet icon until you see three options, Open, Copy, or Cancel. Select Copy.
  • You have two options for what to do next. You can go to or, which are online torrent downloaders. Register if you need to and open the downloader.
  • Paste the torrent link you copied into the downloader. Tap “Add torrent”.
  • Wait for the iPad to say “Download Link.” When it does, click to start downloading the torrent file.

You can also use your Safari browser, but sometimes Safari broadcasts the file instead of downloading it as needed. UC browser or iDownloader app may be the safest bet to use.

Final words: How to download torrents on iPhone / iPad

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