How to download faster in uTorrent

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Check out how to download faster in uTorrent

If you are new to torrenting, you might already know how to identify torrent files, download them, and upload them to uTorrent, but if that’s all you know, your download rates are probably low. Check things like planter numbers, Wi-Fi interference, your current version, and your speed and priority settings to make uTorrent run faster. If things are still slow, consider forcing the torrent to start.

How to download faster in uTorrent

Method 1

Check the number of seeders for the torrent file. Seeders are those who continue to share the file after it has been downloaded. The more seeders there are, the faster the discharge will be.

  • If you can, try downloading from a crawler with many planters for the file you want. If you can connect to enough planters, you can easily maximize your connection speed. This can add additional risks if you download music and movies, so learn to select reliable sources because “More is not always better”.

Method 2

Try to connect the computer directly to the modem or router instead of using WIFI. Many signals in the house could interfere with the WIFI connection, affecting internet speed and uTorrent downloads.

Method 3

Check the settings for the uTorrent queue. Each file you upload to uTorrent will take up a portion of your bandwidth. When multiple files are downloaded at full speed, the files will take longer to complete. Try to download the files one by one. Watch the first movie while you wait for the second to download!

  • Click on Options then on Preferences.
  • Click Queue on the left side and set the maximum number of active downloads to 1.
  • Click Apply and click OK.
  • Enable UPnP port mapping. This will allow uTorrent to bypass your firewall and connect directly to the planters. This will ensure that you get the best possible transfer rate for your file.

To activate UPnP:

  • Click on Options and select Preferences.
  • Click on the Connection option in the left menu.
  • Check the box to enable UPnP port mapping.
  • Click Apply and click OK.

Final words: How to download faster in uTorrent

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