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ETTV has closed and will not return. The site operator informs TorrentFreak that it does not have the funds to maintain the site and upload bots. The domain names are still registered for the moment but these will not be renewed either. It’s the end of an era.

After publishing an article about the extended downtime of the ETTV torrent site, the operator confirmed what many users were already fearing.

Another hacking icon bites the dust.

“The website is closed for an indefinite period. I couldn’t afford to make it work anymore. I will not renew the domains,” informs ETTV TorrentFreak.

ETTV stops

These comments come from “sidekickbob”, an administrator who took over when the original operator ETTV disappeared two years ago. Thanks to his financial support, the site and the download bots remained operational for a while, but it was never meant to be permanent.

Initially, sidekickbob had hoped to sell the site to a reputable third party who could keep it intact. It’s always an option but since nothing material has happened, the road ends here for now.

“It was a tough decision to make. The site had about 250,000 loyal visitors per day, and many downloaders were downloading daily since the beginning of all this,” says sidekickbob.

ETTV was certainly not the most popular torrent site online, but it had a dedicated team of loyal downloaders and visitors. ETTV’s download bots have also built up a good track record. Torrents tagged ETTV and EtHD have also been shared on dedicated accounts on third-party sites such as 1337x and The Pirate Bay.

This also ended.

History ETTV

The ETTV group became active in 2011 on the now defunct ExtraTorrent site. It started as an alternative to the original EZTV group, which was dominant at the time, and the goal was to get TV shows out much faster.

ETTV on ExtraTorrent

additional ettv

ETTV was not meant to be a competition. They had a lot of respect for the original EZTV group. However, they just wanted to improve the “pirate” post windows.

“At the time, the real EZTV was still active. They released stuff hours after they were released from The Scene, leaving sites waiting a very long time for shows to hit the public,” ETTV told us previously.

Although ETTV is commonly referred to as a “group”, it was initially a one-person operation. This person set up the script that automatically grabbed Scene builds, placed them on a seedbox, and published the associated torrents on torrent sites.

Expand and collapse

It didn’t take long for hackers to catch wind of the new distribution “group” and demand for torrents quickly exploded. This meant that a single seedbox was no longer enough to keep everything running smoothly.

Luckily for ETTV, several people have offered to help, and the owners of ExtraTorrent have provided financial support to keep the operation going.

When ExtraTorrent voluntarily shut down in 2017, the ETTV and EtHD groups were left homeless. However, they continued to upload to other torrent sites, and a few months later they launched their own website.

ETTV site when it was launched

Things seemed to be going well until the site operator disappeared. That’s when sidekickbob stepped in. He kept the site and the bots running for nearly two years, despite ever-present legal pressure.

However, it was clear from the start that it would be difficult to keep ETTV online without financial resources. These funds eventually dried up and, after more than a decade, the group’s road ends here.

“Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish,” said sidekickbob.

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