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You read that right, starting with Chromebooks made in 2017 or later, it’s now possible to run Android apps on Chrome OS devices, including most, if not all, of modern Chromebooks made in the past 2 years. last years or so. You can see a full list of Chromebooks that support installing and running Android apps. Today we present to you one of the most requested applications.

This is a huge step forward and it will only get people to use Chromebooks even more. As I mentioned earlier, most recent Chromebooks can now run Android mobile apps, which luckily on Chromebooks contain and run what is perhaps the most popular BitTorrent client of the last decade, the uTorrent. always stable and reliable. I use uTorrent every week on my Windows 10 PC and Linux laptop, so it makes sense for me to test it on my ChromeOS devices.

Chromebook torrent apps

The four most popular torrent clients for ChromeOS are,, JSTorrent, or Bitford. The latter two, JSTorrent and Bitford, are Chrome extensions written in a Java script, which means they run entirely on your computer and do not communicate with a server. The best program for torrenting on a Chromebook is probably JSTorrent.

BitTorrent client apps aren’t the only way to torrent with a Chromebook, as cloud-based services make torrenting possible without installing any software on your device. Most of these sites operate by facilitating torrenting on their servers, rather than directly downloading files locally with apps like Bitford and JS Torrent.

Download Torrent for Chromebook

The best torrent program for Chromebook is JSTorrent. JSTorrent isn’t free, but it’s the original BitTorrent client and perhaps the best available across the entire Chrome Web Store. JSTorrent is a Chrome extension that actually runs on a Chromebook, not through a web server. JSTorrent is by far the leader in Chrome OS BitTorrent gaming.

Meanwhile, the alternatives will be mostly cloud-based. Rather than downloading torrents locally, you’ll add them to an online account that handles sophisticated transfers, then simply stream / download the entire file directly from that service. There are a number of these services out there, but the two that are currently on my radar include:

How to download torrents on a Chromebook

Using JSTorrent to download a torrent to Chromebook is easy. Once you find the link to a torrent you want to download, just open JSTorrent and paste it into the search bar. Alternatively, you can download a torrent file directly to your machine and open it using JSTorrent, which will then initiate the download process.

The new and improved JSTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Chrome that easily downloads torrent files. You can download torrents directly to your Downloads folder and it can easily handle large files (multi-gigabyte files). It also works well on low-end ARM Chromebooks.

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