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If you use torrent files a lot, you might have heard of torrent trackers. Alternatively, if you’ve ever looked for guides on how to increase torrent download speed, you might have mentioned torrent trackers. Here in this article there is a list of the best high quality torrent trackers which will help you increase your download speed by at least 3 times. If you are new to custom torrent trackers, you will surely see a big difference in download speed.

Torrent trackers are used to find peers and connect to each other directly so that peer-to-peer torrenting can take place. The torrent tracker list is useful in this case because it allows you to assign a list to the torrent client software and increase the uTorrent download speed because the more trackers you have, the higher the direct connections and the speed. . If you want to have the torrent tracker working list, go ahead and follow our torrent tracker guide. As you already know, Extra Torrent was recently shut down, so you might need some more alternative torrent sites. Here are some other public and private tracking sites.

How? ‘Or’ What

I originally thought the way to add multiple urls was to click the Add button. Apparently I was wrong, since the correct button is Edit. You will find it in the torrent being downloaded> Properties> Trackers> Edit.


The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is currently 18.04 and the first version 18.04.1 has also been released. This means that the original Ubuntu crawler will be of no use to you if you insist on downloading 18.04 instead. He will not give you companions (“sowers”). Therefore, it may not be able to download or it may have a rather slow speed. See the comparison below.

  • For 18.04, the tracker gives an error (ignore the IPv6 tracker):
  • For 18.04.1 (note the first point), the tracker offers real pairs:
  • This comparison shows that some torrents may have inactive trackers even though the actual files can be downloaded. If the trackers are down, you may not be able to get seeders, so you won’t be able to download.

So how do you get more seeders? Get other trackers, of course. If you can get multiple crawlers, chances are you will get a lot more seeders, and in turn, you will get higher speed.

  • Download the Ubuntu 18.04 torrent file now
  • Then open it with Transmission.
  • Let it download first.
  • Now right click on the torrent being downloaded> Properties> Trackers> Edit.
  • Access the list of torrent trackers as for example see the link above. Copy as many URLs as possible from there.
  • Paste the URLs into Edit Trackers in Feed. (Copy URLs from browser (left) and paste them into Broadcast (right)).
  • Right click on the torrent> Ask the tracker for more colleagues> Done!

Final words: Guide: Adding trackers to uTorrent

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