Google Drive blocks text files containing ‘1’ or ‘0’ due to ‘copyright infringement’

Google Drive now blocks text files containing eeither number 1 or number 0, signaling an alleged violation of “copyright infringement”.

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Google Drive blocks text files containing ‘1’

So some Google Drive users wondered why some of their near-empty text files were flagged by the tech giant’s detection systems, accusing it of copyright infringement.

Drive’s algorithm appears to target near-empty files on the platform, believing the harmless text file violates the tech giant’s terms of service.

According to a report by torrent monsterGoogle Drive’s filtering algorithm fails to provide a way to challenge the claims of the automated detection system.

Copyright infringement of Google Drive “1”

According to a report by beeping computer, a Google Drive user said the file storage and synchronization platform called a file, which contained almost nothing but a single number “1”.

The user, Dr. Emily Dolson, is an assistant professor at Michigan State University.

She shared that Google Drive flagged one of the files she uploaded to the platform. To his surprise, it was a text file that was harmlessly empty except for the number “1”.

Dr Dolson then shared that the file reported on Drive has a generic and seemingly innocuous name, “output01.txt”.

Google Drive blocks text files containing '1' or '0' due to 'copyright infringement'

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But still, Google, or Drive’s detection algorithm, ruled out that the file violated the platform’s terms of service, blocking the public sharing option.

Google’s warning states that “your file ‘output04.txt’ contains content that violates Google Drive’s copyright infringement policy.” The note further adds that “a review cannot be requested for this restriction”.

But it turns out that Dr. Dolson’s case isn’t exclusive to his story. Instead, all other text files with “1” are flagged for “copyright infringement”.

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Google Drive says ‘0’ also infringes copyright

On top of that, Torrent Freak added in the same report that they also tried to go beyond number one.

The online outlet then tried to upload a file containing only the number zero on Google Drive. As in the first case, the online storage service also decided that it had violated its terms of service.

The team behind Google Drive responded to Dr Dolson’s post, saying they were already working on it.

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