Gaming PC mod looks like a Star Wars droid, lowers GPU temperatures

This gaming PC mod looks like a Star Wars repair droid suit for your graphics card, but it’s actually a smart fan funnel that helps bring down temperatures. Designed to bridge the gap between a GPU and 140mm PC case fans, its creator claims the custom add-on reduces temperatures by six degrees Celsius.

Safer Reddit, LucasIsDead shows off the 3D printed gaming PC case mod in all its glory. We can’t decide if it looks like a Star Wars droid or some weird GPU sabot, but aesthetics aside, it could help your rig boost fps and keep things cool when the gameplay gets hot.

According to the mod’s creator, using the 3D printed funnel while running Forza Horizon 5 lowers temperatures from 65°C to 59°C, as it helps cool air reach the graphics card. Asus RTX 3060 from the enthusiast. It’s worth noting that the GPU funnel is designed with a Fractal torrent PC case in mind, as its layout features a PSU at the top to make room for the lower intake fans.

The mod has already received a lot of attention on Reddit, and we’re not the only ones who think it looks like a Star Wars repair droid. Giving it a custom sci-fi paint job would add a great sci-fi touch, but you can also mount an internal performance monitor on it, like the one included in this Star Trek Tricorder-inspired gaming PC.

Print files for LusasIsDead’s Graphics Card Funnel are available for free download at Printables. This is definitely one of the best gaming PC mods in terms of practicality, so check it out if you fancy giving that airflow mod a whirl.

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