Elden Ring Video Highlights 2 Torrent Issues

An interesting video from Elden Ring offers more information on Torrent the Spirit Steed and points out two of its biggest flaws.

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One of the defining characteristics that helps Ring of Elden Standing out from other titles in FromSoftware’s library is its sprawling open world. Ring of EldenThe open world of features vast landscapes for players to traverse, and while they can do so on foot, traversing the game world is much easier on Torrent, the player’s friendly horse-like Spirit Steed. . Ring of Elden players obtain Torrent at the start of the game and they will find themselves calling upon the creature countless times during their adventure.


Ring of Elden players can use Torrent not only to travel great distances in the Lands Between, but they can also use his double jump ability to reach new heights. The mount adds another layer to Ring of Eldenthe traversal mechanic, giving players more freedom when it comes to moving from point to point. But while Torrent is incredibly useful, it’s not without its flaws, as a new video from Zullie the Witch points out.

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Zullie the Witch has uploaded a new video on Torrent de Ring of Elden, explaining two of the frame’s biggest flaws from a design standpoint. The first point out in the video is that sometimes Torrent doesn’t double jump when the player falls off a cliff. There was speculation in the community that this was due to the size of the weapon players equipped when dropping, but Zullie the Witch explains that it’s more due to the way certain weapons are held. Zullie the witch says it’s “most likely a problem”. If so, it will be interesting to see if FromSoftware tries to fix it in the future. Ring of Elden update.

The other issue highlighted in the video concerns Torrent health. Torrent does not heal if the player dies or fast travels, so they must resort to other methods to restore their health. Players can do this by resting at grace sites, powering up Torrent, or respawning Torrent after dying. For those who may not be aware, players have the ability to respawn Torrent using a Flask of Crimson Tears charge.

Hardcore Ring of Elden fans may be fascinated by this Torrent preview, and they should check out Zullie the Witch’s other videos as well. They include an explanation of the height of the Erdtree, a closer look at enemy designs in-game, and more.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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