DonTorrent mocks MPA and doesn’t seem the most careful to avoid lawsuits

DonTorrent is a Spanish site specializing in file sharing networks that has gained quite a few users lately. Why deceive us? is a typical torrent site that links to copyright-infringing content.

While most torrent sites that include this type of content try not to attract the attention of copyright holders and anti-piracy groups, DonTorrent It seems he chose the opposite. And it’s that they didn’t think of anything else to put in the site’s disclaimer like “official administrator” to Jan Van Voorn.

A total mockery given that it is the global content protection officer of Cinema Association (MPA), the largest motion picture industry group that includes the five most powerful studios on the planet.

They tell TorrentFreak that the MPA and anti-piracy group ACE are following DonTorrent closely and have asked Cloudflare for details of the site’s operators. This is usually a preliminary step before the trial.

DonTorrent regularly changes its domain names to evade search engine and operator blocking efforts, a common practice among pirate sites. And here too there are jokes with the “sponsorship” of the Spanish government with the “Ministry of Domain Blocking and Censorship”.


JIt also has a dedicated .onion address that allows anonymous access through the Tor network. But it’s not hard to predict how it will end after the MPA puts it in the crosshairs. And if you put your boss against hacking as the “owner” of the site, well imagine…

It must be emphasized that anything circulating on file-sharing networks is not restricted by copyright and that “legal torrents” also exist. A clear example are the GNU/Linux distributions which are freely distributed on these networks and which are an ideal way not to overload the official download servers, to be able to maintain previous versions and, in short, to save huge sums money on accommodation.

You have software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, and other content such as movies, videos, books, games and a specific section for Anime in Legit Torrents; classic movies spanning all kinds of genres and also B movies on Public Domain Torrents; free, indie music that can be downloaded using legal torrents or streamed online on Jamendo or that wonder called The Internet Archive dedicated to preserving files and content and has shared a lot on BitTorrent.

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