Comcast begins rolling out 2 gigabit download speeds to millions of US homes

Comcast says it’s “evolving its entire network architecture” (as well as its client equipment and devices) — and it’s not just a multi-gig network. They call it the fastest in America – and the biggest. It’s rolling out “immediately” to millions of homes and businesses, “coupled with up to 5x to 10x faster download speeds.”

“Comcast plans to bring multi-gig Internet speeds to 34 cities across the United States by the end of this year,” bring back the rod“and later expand its reach to over 50 million homes by the end of 2025.”

According to a press release, the company has already started rolling out 2 gigabyte speeds on its broadband network in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Augusta, Georgia; Panama City Beach, Florida; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Customers in those cities will also be able to take advantage of download speeds that Comcast says are five to ten times faster than what it currently offers. Download speeds seem to max out at 200 Mbps, even with the new Gigabit x2 plan, but Comcast intends to change that. It will launch symmetric multi-gig speeds next year, which will enable multi-gig speeds for both downloads and downloads.
“As part of this initiative, Comcast is accelerating its network transformation to a virtualized cloud architecture fully prepared for 10G and DOCSIS 4.0…” explains the press release“which will deliver symmetric multi-gig speeds over connections already installed in tens of millions of homes and businesses.”

The great advantage of digital networking technology is “rather than manually maintaining, updating, and replacing traditional analog networking devices – which can take days or even weeks – Comcast engineers can maintain, troubleshoot and reliably upgrade core network components almost instantly, with just a few keystrokes on a laptop or mobile app.It also makes the network much more energy efficient and is an important part of Comcast’s plan to become neutral. in carbon by 2035.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of the story stated that Comcast offered 2 gigabyte download speeds when it should have said 2 gigabits. We regret the error.

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