Business News | SAAGA SmartKids, a new Edtech learning app for K-12 kids

New Delhi [India]July 28 (ANI/SRV): SAAGA SmartKids introduces its unique and affordable learning app in K-12 segments. As an advanced learning tool, SAAGA SmartKids helps and guides children in learning and understanding difficult concepts in an easy and fun way.

SAAGA SmartKids Founder, Dr. Anuragg Emani said, “We wanted to leverage the benefits of the EdTech platform to help students study after-school hours through the support of visualization. We understood that EdTech and schools need to go hand in hand and not run a parallel education system like what today’s unicorn EdTech companies are doing.”

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Highlighting their vision and mission, Dr Anuragg added: “We hope that even though we are a proprietary company, we will have the opportunity to ensure that the best possible education is given to the last possible child. We do not wish to sell education, but to dispense it. . I am a doctor by profession but have been an entrepreneur for the past 24 years in several companies. I made my foray into the Edtech sector with the simple intention of giving back to society by making Edtech accessible to everyone.

The smart learning app contains 3D and 4D animated and anchor-based modules that help children spark their curiosity and improve their engagement in studying. 3D and 4D modules help to develop students’ interests, increase their level of concentration and clarify their concepts. Children love to watch television and they retain or grasp the content of the film very easily because it is an audiovisual format. Keeping the same in mind, SAAGA SmartKids ensured that their subject study materials were made interesting and given to students by harnessing the power of visualization. The app also offers the bilingual feature through which the preferred language can be selected while watching the study videos. This feature will not only help improve the child’s concepts, but also help them develop basic understanding and fluency in English.

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SAAGA SmartKids offers CBSE, State Board and ICSE Syllabus. It also offers quizzes with time limit and review options along with exams with all India grading features. Over a lakh questions are provided for kids practice. After understanding the concept, children can practice as many questions as they want. With the help of the artificial intelligence system, students can get suggestions that would help them improve further. It is often seen that a child is more interested in games. So, SAAGA SmartKids app is designed in such a way that apart from studying, a child can play more than 10,000 games and also have a great learning experience while playing these games. The smart learning app also provides a comprehensive usage report tracking feature. This feature is very effective for parents as they can control the education level of their ward.

Students often request previous year’s question papers as a reference source for future study. SAAGA SmartKids app provides students with the previous year Olympiad question paper using which they can prepare for competitive exams like IMO, ISO, ONS etc. by practicing the questions. The Edtech app exclusively certified and approved by CBSE also provides a special learning zone for dyslexic students. Additionally, the SmartKids app contains fully answered NCERT questions. Gone are the days when students had to search for solutions by buying books. SAAGA SmartKids is the one stop solution for all NCERT questions.

Education is not a luxury and SAAGA SmartKids wants to ensure that Edtech does not remain a luxury either by making it easily accessible and affordable. During the pandemic situation, the provision of education to children has faced several shortcomings. Keeping this in mind, SAAGA SmartKids works both online and offline so that distractions and difficulties faced by students in online mode can be eliminated.

SAAGA SmartKids will do a lot for students who find it difficult to cope with what is taught in schools and who are forced to take courses to clear their basics. SAAGA’s vision is to bring education to the local level at nominal cost, in turn ensuring that education is affordable and available to all.

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