Best Elden Ring Fan Theories That Might Be True

Much like other From Software games, the story of Elden Ring leaves a lot of room for player interpretation and speculation, and George RR Martin’s writing for the game propelled the mysterious aspects of the world to new heights. new heights. The environments and inhabitants of the Lands Between piqued the interest of players, and many offered their own ideas and theories about the mysterious aspects of the game.

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Theories about the world, timeline, characters, and enemies have been shared among Elden Ring fans since the game’s first trailer in 2019. And now that many players have fully explored and completed the game, it there are more fan theories to keep. our minds busy and speculating on experience. Many of these theories speculate about different endings or story elements that won’t be revealed until later stages of the game, so beware of spoilers in the future.


8 Naming Mount Torrent to Prevent Hacking

The controls and mount movements in Elden Ring are really responsive and fluid, and many players have become attached to their trusty companion, Torrent. Although the name of the mount sounds cool, there could be another reason behind this particular name.

Some fans have suggested that the developers chose the Torrent name to prevent piracy through torrent file sharing sites. The idea seems so simple and yet so brilliant that it might just be true. After all, when you search for the Elden Ring torrent, you will most likely find links about the horse rather than illegal copies of the game.

seven painted world theory

Paintings have an important role in Elden Ring as well as other Soulsborne games. In Elden Ring, they are collectibles that can lead to valuable rewards if you find the location depicted inside. But there might be a deeper connection between The Lands Between and the Dark Souls universe through the paintings.

At the end of Dark Souls 3’s Ringed City DLC, the female painter begins to paint a new world using the Dark Soul’s blood given to her. As suggested by Reddit user u/TheMasterlauti, this new world may be what we later know as The Lands Between.

6 The white Varre mask killed our young daughter

Early in the game, in the Chapel of Anticipation, we come across the lifeless body of a young girl. Some players speculated that she was a young girl from our character. Later, when we first emerge into Limgrave, we encounter White Mask Varre, waiting for us. He tells us about the way to Castle Stormveil and regrets that we are without a maiden.

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White Mask Varre is a manipulative character and hated by players who follow his questline, but some believe he was actually the one who killed our young daughter. There is evidence to support this theory, such as the fact that he was expecting us and knowing the fate of our young daughter at the very beginning. We even have to kill another maiden or go back and find our maiden’s body as part of her quest.

5 Each ending is a prequel to another from the software IP

There are six possible endings to Elden Ring, and each leaves the world in a different state once the game is over. Three of those endings, in particular, sounded familiar to some Soulsborne fans. Hence the idea that they are each the prequel to other games. Originally suggested by Reddit user u/theodis09, there are thematic connections between these endings and previous Soulsborne games.

The Frenzied Flame ending destroys the Golden Order, which some fans believe to be the undead we see in Dark Souls. The late Star Age’s emphasis on moon magic, and the moon replacing the Erdtree, have thematic similarities to the Bloodborne universe. And the final theorized connection between the Destined Death ending and the Demon Souls universe, while not as strong as the other two, still makes sense as they both deal with matters of death and fate.

4 The Lands Between is another planet in the Dark Souls universe

Yet another theory to tie Elden Ring to previous From Software games, suggests that The Lands Between is a distant planet in the same universe as the Dark Souls games. It’s undeniable that there are similar elements between all soulsborne games, but Reddit user u/GlamdringBeater has found compelling evidence to support this theory.

The main idea behind this theory is that the dragons we find in The Lands Between are descendants of ancient dragons who fled the Dark Souls world of Lordran after the Age of Fire. Descriptions of some dragon-related items found in Elden Ring and the story of the war between the dragons and the Golden Order may support this theory.

3 Ranni planned the breakup

Ranni the witch, the former shard-bearer of the Elden Ring, is one of the main characters that we meet in the game. She has a long series of quests in which we learn more about her and the history of the world. But she might have been even more involved in the events of the breakup that she hints at.

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Based on the theory shared by Reddit user u/McPunchins, Ranni may be the one who started the chain of events that led to the bursting of the Elden Ring. In defiance of the Great Will, she ended her life and freed herself from the influence of her great rune, and she attempted to free other shard-wielders of the same fate, which eventually led to the destruction of the Elden Ring.

2 Jellyfish are the spirits of children

The Lands Between is full of hostile and peaceful creatures. Some mobs attack tarnishes on sight, some might run away, and some don’t seem to mind our presence unless we attack them. One of these creatures is the floating jellyfish that we find all over the world, and there might be a particularly dark story to their existence.

First hinted at by Reddit user u/FreeWatercressSalad who found small graves belonging to the ash jellyfish spirit Aurelia and her sister, these creatures could be the reincarnated spirits of children who died in The Lands Between. Given this sad fate, you might think twice before attacking the peaceful jellyfish for a trivial amount of runes.

1 Divine Towers intersection points to future DLC

The Ring of Elden map is huge and most cities and important places in the world have asymmetrical and organic locations, except for the six divine towers. These towers have specific locations and drawing a line between them points to a particular location in the middle of the map.

As Reddit user u/Dvoraxx discovered, the center of all of these towers point to a particular location on the map that is currently hidden under a heavy cloud. All fans of the game are wondering and excited about From Software’s future plans for Elden Rings, and this place could hide some interesting stories to tell in future DLC.

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