Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents in 2022

One of the most well-known names in the world of torrenting and file sharing is Kickass Torrents. Due to its huge selection of content and low ad irritation, Kickass Torrents is currently high on our list of best torrent sites. Before the US Department of Justice detained and charged its creator, Artem Vaulin, with multiple criminal charges in 2016, Kickass Torrents was one of the best-known torrent websites on the internet.

After that, the original Kickass Torrents (KAT) website was also quickly shut down. Visitors to the original Kickass Torrents website have faced a very disturbing message for a long time. Should you hack using this brand new KickassTorrents site? We are not convinced.

Although this website frequently appears in the ranking of the best torrent websites, we do not recommend using it. Something about this site makes downloading more complicated than it should be. Below we have mentioned the best Kickass Torrents alternatives.

Here is the list of best Kickass Torrents alternatives

Pirate’s Bay

The Pirate Bay is the global torrent giant and a more than decent alternative to Kickass Torrents. In fact, it’s probably even better in a lot of categories. However, in some countries, The Pirate Bay has been banned (including its mirror sites), causing people to look for alternatives for this platform.

When you use a VPN for torrenting, you can get fast and secure access to the site to find the files you’re looking for. My recommended VPNs have military-grade protection as standard, protecting your devices and your privacy. Remember to check your country’s laws regarding torrents before downloading files.


RARBG may not be as attractive as 1337x, but it’s still well-organized when it comes to BitTorrent search engines. When you search for something, you’ll get detailed results with icons that show you the category of the torrent, so you can easily see which results match what you’re looking for (eg movies) and which are unrelated (like music or other things).

Clicking on a result displays related torrents, screenshots (if the torrent contains video), and even a trailer and IMDB rating, when available. RARBG is usually best for new torrents, so if you’re looking for something old, obscure, or hard to find, this probably isn’t your best bet.


You can also access the many mirror and proxy sites that you can find by searching the web. A proxy will have essentially the same content as 1337x, but will simply be located on a different server with a different address. This could get around the problem of your being blocked by an ISP. It will also provide higher download speeds as VPN servers will not throttle your connection.

Using a VPN can help you access the site if you are blocked by your location or ISP. You can connect through VPN servers located in different countries which may be more lenient to copyright infringement. Your IP address will be safely hidden, allowing you to download to your heart’s content without your ISP knowing about it.


LimeTorrents is one of the lesser known torrent sites. Unfortunately, finding the real LimeTorrents site and not a poser who might try to trick you into free traffic, or trick you into downloading malware, is a bit tricky. A simple search results in all kinds of unwanted and dangerous sites filling the 1st page, but you won’t see a single result for the real site.

Lime Torrents starts well. The homepage looks a bit dated but is clean and there are no pop-ups, malware or spam to hijack your browser. Clicking on Top Torrents and bracing yourself for a barrage of popups and spam, an actual page appears, with a real list of the top 100 torrents and health information. It is an encouraging start.


Visitors can explore unlimited torrent and download as many torrents as they want from IsoHunts without limitation in file form. It indirectly entertains millions of torrents on its website and provides easy methods to download torrents regularly.

Many who want to publish their files by moving the torrent, because IsoHunt even has the program to download torrent data? The torrent file sharing policy is not limited to the torrent file download system only. It presents its users with the plan to generate and process torrent files including others. This is the whole IsoHunts torrent service provider system.


Just like The Pirate Bay, Zooqle is another great website with lots of categories of content. You can find everything on this single platform, from TV shows and movies to games and software or even e-books. Nevertheless, it certainly works great as an alternative to the best movie torrent websites.

While the world of torrenting has had many ups and downs, some of the torrent sites have completely disappeared, some of them have risen to the fore to gain popularity. Zooqle is such a torrent website that users nowadays have found it extremely beneficial to download their movies, e-books, software, songs, videos, TV shows, etc. Zooqle excels in an exceptional field of research…


BitTorrent is the official torrent client for the BitTorrent protocol, the largest decentralized peer-to-peer protocol. It is used to transfer large files and data over the Internet. BitTorrent, the company behind the BitTorrent client, also makes another similar and very popular torrent app called uTorrent.

The BitTorrent Classic client comes with a set of advanced features that should work for any user, helping to ensure fast and efficient torrent downloads. For starters, you have the ability to download multiple torrent files simultaneously, and it’s also possible to assign different priority levels among those multiple downloads, so if there’s one you really need fast, that might happen. .


However, there is not much to say about the Torrentz2 torrent site user interface. You will be greeted with a search box which will allow you to search for the torrent file you want. Next, a list of results will appear, displaying the torrent title, category, file size, as well as the age of the torrent file.

Torrentz2 is very honest with its users. The site never claimed itself as the official revival of Torrentz. It copied Torrentz’s overall look and functionality. Nevertheless, Torrentz has its own metasearch engine. Also, it boasts of indexing additional torrent files and websites than its predecessor.

Last words

The best way to download the latest movies, TV series, music, software and more was using kickass torrents. Many other torrent websites appeared after its launch and before its demise.

Despite the fact that torrenting is banned in many countries, if you are looking for the Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents and information on how to use them safely, you’ve come to the right place.
There are a ton of Kickass torrent alternative websites on the internet right now, and we’ll show you which ones are the best and how to easily use them to download your favorite content.

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