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We’ve found Astrill to be among the most advanced VPNs available. It is both secure and reliable thanks to its many protection options. You will have a better idea after reading this Astrill VPN review.

Astrill uses four different security protocols, two of which—open web and StealthVPN— have been developed in-house. Astrill is at the forefront of VPN security as it uses OpenVPN and WireGuard, two of the most standardized options available.

One of the best things about Astrill VPN is that it is the only VPN provider that works in China, which means you can easily access any geo-restricted Chinese website or app wherever whether you are with Astrill VPN. It’s an excellent star on Astrill’s shoulders because no other VPN really works in China.

However, we had to analyze every angle to see if Astrill is one of the best VPN providers. Let’s dive right into that and see how good Astrill is and whether it’s worth recommending to others.

Astrill VPN Features

When it comes to features, Astrill VPN is hard to beat. Features include:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Port forwarding
  • Immobilizer
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Secure access to the dark web without Tor
  • Onion over VPN
  • 5 simultaneous connections

Leak prevention, website filtering, ad blocking, and a kill switch are some of the additional features available. SOCKS5 proxy and port forwarding options are handy for torrent users.

Astrill VPN Protocols

Astrill comes with four excellent connection protocols:

  1. OpenVPN
  2. WireGuard
  3. StealthVPN
  4. open web

OpenVPN and WireGuard are the two most important protocols, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. You can strike a good balance between standard and bespoke security by combining them with in-house developed options like StealthVPN and OpenWeb.

Other protocols, such as Cisco IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenConnect, can also be configured manually.

Astrill VPN Speed

When it comes to internet speed, Astrill is the best. Its long distance connections are fantastic and you will have no trouble getting your internet tasks done. Even with its short distance connections, you can get the best upload and download speed, and its ping is very low.

As you can see, the upload and download speeds I get with Astrill are literally amazing. Also note the ping rate, which is very low. This is exactly the kind of service a user wants to have when paying such a high price.

Astrill VPN Pricing

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a VPN is pricing. Although Astrill is impressive, its price is high. The price makes this VPN the most expensive option available. At its cheapest price, it costs $12.50 per month, and if you want Astrill VIP, you’ll have to pay double that.

Astrill offers the same features in all of its pricing plans, but it charges an additional $5.00 per month for a private IP address.

An Astrill subscription can be used on up to five devices at once. On the other hand, if your router supports the OpenVPN protocol, you can configure the VPN on your router and enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections.

Also, unlike competing VPN services, Astrill does not offer a free trial or money-back guarantee. So there is no trial period available before subscription.

Payment options for Astrill VPN include major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), debit cards (Discover), PayPal, and a few others (but not cryptocurrencies). While buying a VPN using cryptocurrency is helpful if you want to stay anonymous online and avoid leaking your financial information, it can be a downside.

Astrill VPN Servers

Astrill’s large and diverse server network is entirely physical. Although it has a global reach, it mainly focuses on Asian destinations. Really cool to see this in action! It’s not the largest network, but users should have no trouble getting through.

Astrill’s server The network is extensive, covering over 300 servers in 106 locations in 55 countries.

Server locations:

  • Africa: 2 Countries
  • Asia: 13 Countries
  • Europe: 36 Countries
  • North America: 3 Countries
  • Oceania: 2 Countries
  • South America: 2 Countries

Supported Platforms

Astrill VPN works with all popular platforms and some unusual ones like BlackBerry. There are no browser add-ons, but a router-based version is available for whole-home security. Astrill’s installation instructions are comprehensive and work for any system or device.

Astrill VPN supports the following platforms:

  • the Windows
  • macOS
  • linux
  • android
  • iOS
  • ASUS Routers
  • Tomato Routers
  • DD-WRT compatible routers


Unlike other VPNs, Astrill’s apps don’t have a dedicated section for bypassing geo-restrictions on popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney streaming services, and more. This can make accessing a given site more difficult, as multiple attempts may be required.

This was not an issue with US Netflix, as Astrill successfully unblocked it with all location servers we tested. Astrill has had success with other Netflix libraries as well, and we had no problems unblocking BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus either.

If you can only unblock one service, make it US Netflix because it can block a long list of VPNs.

Jurisdiction and Logging Policy

Astrill is headquartered in the Seychelles and does not participate in any major intelligence sharing alliances like FVEY (5, 9 or 14 eyes). This ensures the credibility of Astrill’s commitments to privacy and user privacy.

Privacy-conscious people can rest easy with Astrill VPN’s straightforward approach. Despite its “strict no-logs policy”, it stores some user data and connection logs to ensure smooth operation.

Astrill generally only keeps logs for the duration of an active VPN connection.

Astrill’s practice of keeping IP addresses on file is less than ideal. This information is stored temporarily while you are connected to the VPN and is then deleted.

This avoids application downtime without compromising your personal security. Astrill needs this data to limit the number of devices that can connect to a single Astrill account, but it is a requirement of all VPNs.

Additional tools

One of Astrill’s unique offerings is its privacy tools for users. These tools are:

  1. what is my ip: It can be used to identify and track your location if it is unsecured.
  2. VPN leak test: This allows you to ensure that you are truly anonymous online and that there are no DNS, IPv6 or WebRTC leaks.
  3. Password Leak Test: To keep control over your passwords and ensure that your data is not stolen.
  4. Port scanning: To verify and keep you informed of the accessible ports available on your IP address to ensure that you are not vulnerable to cyber threats.
  5. IPv6 leak test: To perform regular checks and ensure that there are no internet traffic leaks on your regular connection while connected to the VPN.
  6. DNS leak test: With regular DNS leak testing, you’ll stay informed, and if there are leaks, you’ll be able to counter them in time.


Astrill provides incredible and reliable VPN service using AES-256 encryption, the latest VPN protocols, and a distributed network of physical servers.

The VPN’s main strength is its ability to completely bypass Chinese censorship, as well as its focus on delivering top performance throughout Asia. When it comes to preventing censorship and protecting your data online, Astrill is unparalleled.

Users who download files via BitTorrent will appreciate the service’s powerful P2P functionality, which is enabled by fast download speeds, protection from government surveillance and jurisdiction in Seychelles.

When it comes to streaming, Astrill also holds up. Apart from being compatible with Netflix in the US, Astrill is also able to easily access Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer and any other major streaming service.

Based on our tests, we conclude that Astrill VPN appears to be an expensive service with an opportunity for growth. There is no denying that it can hide your IP address and increase your online privacy with its robust tools and security features. When it comes to unblocking content in China, this VPN is the best of the best. After reviewing all the critical aspects, this is one of the best VPN services and a recommended VPN for users.

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