Andrew Cuomo accused of allegedly groping his assistant


Andrew Cuomo has been charged with criminal charges for allegedly tampering with an executive assistant in his office while he was governor of New York, according to court documents filed Thursday. Cuomo, 63, faces one count of forced touching, a misdemeanor.

An investigator from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office filed the complaint, as well as a subpoena for Cuomo to appear in court on November 17. The deposit was a bombshell that initially sparked confusion among authorities and the press as to whether Cuomo had been charged or not. A law enforcement officer Recount Albany Time-Union that the sheriff’s office did not expect the documents to be filed Thursday or made public. The district attorney’s office said it had not heard of the move until the documents were filed. The accuser’s lawyer was also caught off guard. Cuomo’s team used the chaos to accuse the sheriff of playing politics.

The complaint does not name Cuomo’s accuser, but Brittany Commisso said in August that she filed a criminal complaint with the sheriff’s office alleging that Cuomo attacked her in the governor’s mansion in late 2020. She filed a complaint after the publication of a report commissioned by Attorney General Letitia. James’ office in sexual misconduct allegations against Cuomo, including his own. In the report, which named her “No. 1 executive assistant,” Commisso said she was called into her private office one afternoon where he lured her into a close hug. “You’re going to get us in trouble,” she said, telling him. Cuomo reportedly replied, “I don’t care,” slammed the door and slipped his hand under his shirt and grabbed her left breast. Commisso said she walked away and said, “You’re crazy.”

“What he did to me was a crime; he broke the law, ”she told CBS News after filing a complaint over the summer. Commisso said she did not speak about the alleged attack at the time, fearing retaliation, including the loss of her job. That changed last March after Cuomo denied a torrent of sexual misconduct allegations in a speech that caused Commisso to collapse in front of her colleagues and convey to them what she said he had done. The allegations were eventually passed on to investigators tasked by James, whose report forced Cuomo to step down in August.

Cuomo had previously denied Commisso’s allegations, saying in a recorded message following the report: “Be clear: this never happened” and another time, “I should lose my mind to do such a thing.”

Rita Glavin, a Cuomo lawyer, released a dazzling statement Thursday evening, claiming the sheriff’s office had improper motives in declaring her client “guilty before investigating” and accused the sheriff of shoddy work by failing to not telling the district attorney. “This is not a professional law enforcement; it’s politics, ”Glavin said.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi went so far as to suggest that the events were part of a plot by James, who is expected to announce an offer for Cuomo’s former job imminently. “Filing a complaint by accident without notification and without the consent of the prosecuting body does not pass the laughter test and this process stinks of Albany politics and possibly worse,” Azzopardi wrote. “The fact that the GA – as expected – is about to announce a candidacy for governor is not lost on anyone. The truth of what happened with that cowboy sheriff will come out.

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