An Inverness man made abusive and bigoted comments towards police after he was arrested for wielding a hammer

Inverness Justice Center.

Police were subjected to a torrent of name-calling and bigoted comments from an Inverness man who had been arrested for having a hammer.

Inverness Sheriff Court heard that Robin Munro (39), of Mackintosh Road, was refused service on November 27, 2020 at a takeaway restaurant near Raigmore Estate where he lives.

He then took up position in the middle of Millburn Road, shouting at passing cars.

An off-duty police officer cycled past and saw Munro holding a hammer, so she contacted her colleagues.

Munro was later found in Mackintosh Road, still holding the gavel and brandishing it aggressively, tax deputy Robyn MacLeod told the court, adding: ‘An officer asked him to drop the gavel but he refused and walked over. towards one of them.

“He was then grabbed and thrown to the ground, restrained and handcuffed.

“Munro was taken to Burnett Road Police Station and in the custody room he was very aggressive, threatening and abusive, shouting, swearing and making repeated threats.

“He also made a bigoted comment towards them.”

Defense attorney Marc Dickson said his client had no recollection of the events, but accepted witness statements about his behavior.

Sentencing was moved to Thursday, July 21, when Munro has another appeal.

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