Adobe will make Photoshop free on the web and is testing the “Freemium” plan

The years of jokes about free Photoshop being available on torrent sites (and the years of having to rely on Photopea to quickly edit photos) are about to come to an end.

Adobe plans to launch Photoshop free on the web for everyone, with just a free Adobe account as the only barrier to entry.

Just months after releasing a web-based version of Photoshop, Adobe is now testing a “freemium” Photoshop plan in Canada. During this trial, anyone who wants to edit a photo can do so as long as they have the free Adobe account.

So where does the “freemium” part come from?

As a first step, Adobe will make Photoshop free on the web for everyone to entice more people to use its software.

“We want to do [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to try and experience the product,” said Maria Yap, vice president of digital imaging at Adobe.

Next, alongside Photoshop’s existing free core features, the company will introduce secure, paid content that will be exclusive to users with a paid subscription.

At this time, it’s unknown when the free Photoshop web app will launch worldwide. However, given how quickly Adobe has rolled out updates in recent years, we don’t expect to wait too long.

Until they release Photoshop free for the web, Adobe says they’re working on more features for the existing version, like mobile support for image review, dodge & burn tools, and image conversion. smart objects.

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Adobe will make Photoshop free on the web and is testing the “Freemium” plan

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