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The global anti-piracy group Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment maintains intense pressure on unlicensed streaming platforms. In a new wave of cuts, the video-centric coalition has targeted pirate IPTV services, app developers and unlicensed streaming sites, reaching settlements with some and sending others underground.

There is an old adage in hacking circles suggesting that when a hacking service is shut down, several more appear in its place. This so-called “hydra” analogy is often cited to suggest that the application is futile, but that does not deter anti-piracy groups.

In particular, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the global coalition of some of the world’s most powerful movie, TV and content distribution companies, continues its quest to shut down as many unlicensed streaming services as possible. As a result, new victims are reported almost every week and sometimes several at a time. Last week went faithfully.

ACE shuts down iconic IPTV provider streams

ACE has the stated objective of protecting the legal market for movies and TV shows and, therefore, regularly targets illegal IPTV providers. About a week ago, the domain was taken over by the Motion Picture Association, a sure indicator that the provider had been targeted. The execution measures have now been confirmed.

Iconic flows

“Iconic Streams offered more than 3,500 channels, with a particular focus on premium sports channels. After successful outreach and action taken by ACE with the operator of the service in Dresden, the service has not been available to consumers since June, ”said a statement from ACE.

While the service was said to have been shut down a few months ago, there are reports online that Iconic Streams has continued to sell subscriptions, meaning some potential customers have been disappointed. On Trust Pilot, for example, many people accuse the service of taking their money and running.

Several posters also claim that the service has continued to operate in a new area, but at the time of writing this has not been officially confirmed.

ACE closes MyTVBoss and EZTV Streaming

Along with the shutdown of Iconic Streams, the domain of MyTVBoss ( has also been taken over by the Motion Picture Association in recent days. According to ACE, MyTVBoss and EZTV Streaming were popular IPTV providers, operated from the United States.

“MyTVBoss was an IPTV subscription service with 7,000 live channels. ACE has contacted the Arkansas-based operator directly and the service is now offline. All MyTVBoss domains have been transferred to ACE and are now redirected to the Watch legally section of the ACE website, ”said a statement from ACE.

While the shutdown of MyTVBoss apparently went the usual way, it appears that EZTV Streaming was contacted by ACE and decided to shut down on its own.

“EZTV Streaming was an IPTV subscription service with 3,400 live channels. ACE identified the operators in Alabama and following direct communication, the service disconnected, ”reveals ACE.

ACE Flixanity shutters

There are several sites and services using the “Flixanity” brand online today, but the ones that previously operated from,,, and seem to no longer exist. ACE says that after successful operation and communication with domain operators, this particular variant has been shut down.

“Flixanity was a popular streaming site that had been operating since 2015 in various areas,” reports ACE.

“In recent years, the operation has been expanded to include several domains with names similar to other popular pirate brands in order to attract more visitors. Over the past year, traffic to sites connected to Flixanity has increased tenfold with 29 active domains connected to the service.

Other areas entered but not directly confirmed by ACE

Recent searches of areas under the control of the Motion Picture Association reveal other entities that are not directly referenced in ACE announcements. It is not yet clear whether these will be confirmed in due course or whether they were taken as part of other operations. We report here for reference.

Dastreamz appears to have been another unlicensed IPTV provider offering broadly the same services as others operating in the same niche. Publicly known as Double Agent IPTV, the domain is now controlled by Hollywood with, which appears to have acted as the service’s billing portal.

Other domains captured by the MPA include,, and All of them play on a familiar branding image and therefore could have been part of Flixanity’s foreclosures, as mentioned by ACE.


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