A terrifying clip from Elden Ring shows a player being ambushed by a giant ground octopus

Ring of Elden is full of disturbing creatures for players to battle, and one of the most disturbing is the giant ground octopus. Unfortunately for a Ring of Elden player, they were caught completely off guard by one of these enemies, with the squid sneaking up on them and attacking out of nowhere.

Looking like an enemy straight outta transmitted by blood, the giant land octopus barks more than it bites. While he’s massive and players will likely be terrified when they land a few hits and his health barely moves, the key to success is simple. Giant Earth Octopuses stagger very easily, so if players land a few hits in front of the amalgamation of ball-like tentacles, they’ll stun it. From there, a critical hit will be easy to land and players will deal incredible damage to the beast.


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However, Reddit user Highsenberg199774829 did not encounter any of these enemies in a head-on fight. The clip begins with the Reddit user riding Torrent to a cliff atop Giants Mountain. Clearly confused by the amount of bloodstains in this area, as they see no enemies to fight, they jump off their horse and inspect a bloodstain. This is where things quickly take a chilling turn, as the Giant Land Octopus prepares to ambush the Reddit user.

What makes the clip so entertaining is that players see the giant land octopus preparing to pounce. Seeing the shadows of its tentacles slowly grow larger behind the player as they interact with the bloodstain adds appropriate horror to what would normally only be a jump scare, and the player clearly notices the shadow at the last second . As the Reddit user walks away from the dark tendrils, the giant ground octopus makes a terrifying noise and leaps to fight the Ring of Elden player, trying to capitalize on his scare tactics.

While the comments section was filled with Ring of Elden players sharing the scariest moments of their games, many citing some of the catacombs, others suggested that Highsenberg199774829 return to this same area at night. Indeed, the most difficult version of the Death Rite Bird will appear in this location once darkness falls on the Midlands. The player who posted this clip was happy to receive this information, as he finally got his answer on where all the bloodstains came from. Although scary, it would make little sense for this sneaky ground octopus to wreak so much havoc.

With a DLC for Ring of Elden leaked online, players may soon experience new encounters with never-before-seen enemies. However, these enemies will surely struggle to scare Highsenberg199774829 as much as this slimy, well-hidden creature.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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