20 Hidden Gems For Android You Must Try (Volume 4)


Hi friends! We are approaching the end of September, and to end the month in style, we will take the opportunity to paste a little review of all these hidden gems that can be found in this almost disproportionately gigantic game store.

All of the apps we are discussing below have been released recently and they look very interesting, or they are apps that have been on the streets for quite some time with a very high rating from Google Play users.

Hidden gems of the week

Among this week’s recommendations are music platforms like hearthis.at, emulators, email clients, an app to learn sign language, a tool to convert black and white photos to color, and much more. . Let’s go!

Android TV remote control: As the name suggests, this is a remote control for controlling TVs using Android TV and TV Box devices. | Download from Google Play

hearthis.at: The official app of hearthis.at, a music listening platform where you can also upload your own content, podcasts, music and create a personalized radio station. Compatible with Android TV and Android Auto. | Download from Google Play

wear the tie: A really interesting tool with which we can install apps in APK format for smartwatches with WearOS. | Download from Google Play

Tobird: Email client that manages your inbox like a to-do list, collects emails with notes, reminders, priority lists, etc. | Download from Google Play

libertarian: The open source torrent client released under the GPLv3 + license allows file transfers while downloading and is compatible with Android TV and sequential downloads. | Download from Google Play

DILSE Dictionary of Spanish Sign Language: Bilingual Sign Language Dictionary – Spanish. Collecting over 5,500 signs, they are useful both for learning and improving knowledge of Spanish Sign Language. | Download from Google Play

camouflage: An application to transform your smartphone’s camera into a webcam for PC or Mac. | Download from Google Play

dreams: The Dreamcast emulator allows games to be emulated in high definition in FullHD, compatible with external gamepads and 95% compatible with the console’s game library. | Download from Google Play

no nails: Singer helps you visualize the notes you sing. It also transcribes the melodies and defines the extent of your voice. | Download from Google Play

Dog’s name: An app that helps you find the perfect name for your dog or pet. | Download from Google Play

Simple launcher: A launcher for Android designed for the elderly, with a home screen that displays large, clear buttons for basic phone applications and functions. | Download from Google Play

swirls: spiral live wallpapers that react to the gestures and movements we make on the screen, creating a very interesting effect. | Download from Google Play

IQ test: Take different tests to get your IQ score. | Download from Google Play

I am worried about: A platform that connects families and companies in the world of social health with people who wish to work in the domestic service or who wish to work as a caregiver. | Download from Google Play

Augmented reality canvas: Augmented reality application, developed by Samsung, which makes it possible to decorate real world spaces with elements of augmented reality. This way, when a person passes this location, they will be able to see the items that other users have placed. | Download from Google Play

Open sky: An informative application for drone users that indicates the areas where we can fly the drone and in which the areas are prohibited. At the moment, it is only available for US and Australian airspace. | Download from Google Play

Spotify green space: A meeting point where artists, athletes and people from the world of culture can express themselves live. We can listen to conversations on topics that interest us or create our own space for a conversation. | Download from Google Play

Touch the locker: Simple but handy application to lock the touch screen when we listen to music or watch video in full screen mode. | Download from Google Play

Characteristics: A tool that shows us detailed information about all the sensors on our Android device. | Download from Google Play

Photomyne staining: A great tool that automatically colors old black and white photos. The app is free, although it has a limited use of images that we can color. | Download from Google Play

slopes: An essential application for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. It collects traffic information and statistics and automatically detects speeds, jumps, distances, times and other important data when we exercise. | Download from Google Play

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