150+ funny Wi-Fi names your neighbors will want to steal

So you just moved in and everything is in order. You even have an account with an internet company, and now you can browse the best wifi names to really make it your own.

But what should you wear? Something fun to make your neighbors laugh? Something that will make them say “Oh, that’s very smart”? There are so many possibilities out there!

Why would you want to be stuck with the default network name anyway? It’s boring, and we don’t have time to get bored in this house. Coming up with new Wi-Fi names is a great way to be creative and have fun!

Plus, it’s easier for your friends or family members to find your Wi-Fi name if they need to connect. This way they are not trying to break into someone else’s network.

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Here are 152 of the best WiFi names to get you started. Choose the one that appeals to you the most!

Funny Wi-Fi Names

1. Get out of my local network

2. BatLAN and Robin

3. Revenge of Wi-Fi

4. IAmUp2NoZGood

5. Girls went wireless

6. Wi-Fi snow

7. Wifi you are Romeo

8. Are you looking for me?

9. Wi-Fi Lord

10. Bill Wi Science Fiction

11. Free LAN

12. Panic at the Cisco

13. Free for a day

14. Leave cookies on my porch for the password

15. Sorry, only for smart people

16. Who What When Where WiFi

17. Benjamin Frank LAN

18.Winona Router

19. Friendly Neighborhood Spider

20. LANdo Calrissian

21. URL Duke

22. Ignore this one

23. This one is super slow and not worth it

24. How is the signal from there?

25. Make WiFi Even Better

26. The chicken crossed the road to steal our Wifi

27. Tell your Wifi to love it

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Smart Wi-Fi Names

28. Free for 1 day

29. Use at your own risk

30. Very Slow Internet

31. Nacho WiFi

32. Mom, click here for the Internet

33. Get your own Wi-Fi

34. Pay $1 an hour

35. Hack if you can

36. Help, I’m trapped in a router!

37. Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

38. Don’t Even Try

39. 404 Wi-Fi unavailable

40. Go Home Tourist

41. NSA Oversight

42. Weak Signal

43. Are you looking for me?

44. Invalid ID

45. No connection found

46. ​​Not this one either

47. Virus Free

48. The Solo LAN

49. Pay Now

50. Log in now, get hacked later

51. Sorry, this one isn’t free either

52. Go and slam and welcome to the LAN

53. Surveillance Van

54. Witness protection

55. Runaway Bandwidth

56. I like Big Wi and I can’t Fi

57. Cisco Inferno

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Cool Wi-Fi Names

58. LAN Wu Tang

59. Every day I dab

60. Drop it like it’s a hotspot

61. You shall not covet your neighbor’s Wifi

62. No More Mr Wifi

63. I believe Wi Can Fi

64. Untrusted Network

65. Router? I barely knew her

66. Byte Me

67. Keep It On Download

68. Happy Wifi Happy Lifi

$69.1 per hour

70. A Linksys to the past

71. I will never give you wifi

72. The password is gullible

73. Simon Says No Wifi

74. Net Neutrality Activist

75. Go steal Starbucks Wi-Fi

76. I will post your search history on Twitter

77. Guess where we live

78. 99 problems but Wi-Fi is not one

79. Hide your kids, hide your Wi-Fi

80. Life in the Fast LAN

81. I’m with the Bandwidth

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Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

82. E=MC Square Dance

83. Occam’s Router

84. Pirate Network

85. I can hack your phone

86. Why don’t you get WiFi?

87. Area 51

88. Data Driven

89. Press Alt + F4 to log in

90. Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!


92. Can I Haz Wireless?

93. Nuclear Launch Codes

94. Let’s Fish

95. Wires not included


97. Not a Pokestop

98. AOL Dialup

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Wi-Fi names inspired by your favorite shows, movies and characters

99. Where are the wild pings

100. The LAN before its time

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101. Luke, I am your WiFi

102. Iron LAN

103. Dunder Miff LAN

104. Winternet is coming

105. Modem Family

106. Internet Access

107. Dora the Internet Explorer

108. For Whom Belkin Rings

109. You will not have a password

110. Lord of the Ping

111. Strength

112. Floo network

113. This is what she SSID

114. Banana Stand Money

115. Platform nine and three routers

116. We were on a break!

117. Pawnee Town Hall

118. Spider-LAN Friendly Neighborhood

119. Torrent Gump

120. Charlie and the Wi-Fi Factory

121. 12 Place Grimmaud

122. The Dark Web Rises

123. Oz Wi-Fi

124. You will not connect

125. Go Go Router Rangers

126. Gateway Guardians

127. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

128. One does not simply connect to Mordor

129. Alice in WonderLAN

130. A LANister Never Forgets

131. Avengers: Wi-Fi Wars

132. My name is URL

133. The Real World: Wi-Fi

134. Umbrella Society

135. No WiFi for you

136. Hogwarts Network

137. I know what you went through last summer

138. Big LAN owski

139. Hotspot Fuzz

140. It’s a small World Wide Web

141. The Wi-Fi Circle

142. Star Wars: The Last Wi-Fi

143. Navigators Assemble!

144. Spiderman web

145. Ant-LAN ​​and WiFi

146. Threat Level Midnight

147. I’m Router Rick!

148. The Tholian Web

149. Alice in WiFi Country

150. It’s a little WWW

151. LAN Silence

152. Connecto Patronum

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