10 actors you forgot appeared in the series

For a series of video games like Grand Theft Auto – who has released numerous games spanning multiple locations and storylines over the years – it may go unnoticed who lent his voice to which character.

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There have been several iconic characters in RGT over the years, but there have also been cases of secondary or supporting characters voiced by iconic actors. Of San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto III To City of vice and Liberty City Stories, these games have all had established actors lending their talents to a multitude of different characters.

ten Samuel L. Jackson was the despicable Tenpenny officer

Samuel L Jackson Mace Windu Officer Tenpenny

One of the main antagonists of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Despite being an officer in the Los Santos Police Department, Tenpenny was corrupt and also part of CRASH, the group of corrupt officers and like-minded individuals who would form a sort of gang themselves.

Tenpenny was voiced by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson has played many iconic roles over the years, such as Nick Fury in the MCU and Mace Windu in the Star wars the universe, to its emblematic roles in pulp Fiction and Coach Carter.

9 Joe Lo Truglio had nothing to do with the adorable Charles Boyle as Vincenzo Cilli

Joe Le Truglio Charles Boyle Vincenzo Cilli

Joe Lo Truglio is perhaps well known for his comedic role in Brooklyn nine-nine as Charles Boyle, but he also voiced the antagonist Vincenzo Cilli in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Cilli was a primary antagonist during the first half of the game as a member of the Leone family who led Toni into a pre-organized trap, cementing his betrayal.

8 Kyle MacLachlan was one of the voice actors for Donald Love

Kyle MacLachlan Captain Donald Love

Donald Love is a character who has appeared in three of the main series of Grand Theft Auto games, receiving a different voice actor and a slight character overhaul each time. In addition to appearing in City of vice and Liberty City Stories, the version of him in GTA III saw it voiced by Kyle MacLachlan.

MacLachlan starred in Twin peaks as Special Agent Dale Cooper and as Paul Atreides in the 1984 version of Dune. MacLachlan might be more recognizable to younger audiences thanks to his roles as captain in how I Met Your Mother and Calvin Zabo in Agents of SHIELD.

7 Ray Liotta voiced the iconic Tommy Vercetti

Ray Liotta Tommy Vercetti

Thomas “Tommy” Vercetti was the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Vice City and was voiced by famous film actor Ray Liotta. Liotta was the main character Henry Hill in the iconic 90s film Goodfellas and has since played a wide variety of roles, ranging from Bee movie to the Hannah montana series, as well as Sin City: a lady to kill and Most Wanted Muppets. Tommy Vercetti is often considered one of the best RGT protagonists among fans due to his fast-paced mentality and contrasting nature that is both intelligent and temperamental.

6 The voice behind Soap MacTavish also voiced Jezz Torrent in Vice City

Anatomy Soap Kevin McKidd Grays MacTavish Jezz Torrent

Kevin McKidd is a longtime Scottish actor member of the Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Owen Hunt, but has also appeared in characters like Trainspotting in addition to voicing Batman in the animated film Justice League: The Litigation Paradox.

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McKidd also voiced the iconic role of Soap MacTavish in the Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare Franchise, although only in the second and third installments, when Soap was more than just a playable character. He also brought the unique character of Jezz Torrent, lead singer of Love Fist, to life in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

5 The iconic Burt Reynolds was Avery Carrington in Vice City

Burt Reynolds Avery Carrington

Burt Reynolds was an icon and famous superstar with a long acting career dating back to 1958. In addition to his involvement in films such as Boogie evenings, Reynolds was part of the Grand Theft Auto family in City of vice, where he voiced Avery Carrington.

Carrington was among the most elite group of people in Vice City, funding the construction of a building at Vice Point. He frequently tried to get the game’s protagonist Tommy Vercetti to do jobs for him, like taking out a man who had previously refused to do business with him.

4 Cuban leader Umberto Robina was brought back to life by Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo Machete Umberto Robina

Umberto Robina appeared in both grand Theft Auto Vice City and Stories of vice-city as the leader of the Los Cabrones, also known as Cubans. Robina was a powerful ally of the protagonists of both games, Tommy Vercetti and Victor Vance respectively.

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Robina was voiced by Danny Trejo and was one of the many video game roles the seasoned actor took on, including games like Fallout: New Vegas. Trejo has played several aggressive roles over the years as the main character in Machete in Romero “Romeo” Parada in the Sons of anarchy TV shows.

3 Frank Vincent was the almighty Salvatore Leone

Frank Vincent Salvatore Leone

Frank Vincent is another veteran actor who has played an iconic role within the Grand Theft Auto series, expressing Salvatore Leone, the main Don of the Leone family. Vincent voiced the character through Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, and Liberty City Stories.

In keeping with his performances as the character of Don, some of Vincent’s other iconic roles include Billy Batts in Goodfellas, Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos, and join Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in both Angry bull and Casino.

2 Timothy Spall’s roster of varied roles includes Barry Micklethwaite from Vice City Stories

Timothy Spall Peter Pettigrew

Barry Micklethwaite was a talent manager who appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Stories of Vice City alongside Phil Collins, who played himself as a Barry’s client.

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Micklethwaite was from Birmingham in the UK and was voiced by British actor Timothy Spall, who certainly has had a distinguished career himself. Spall was the contemptible and cowardly Peter Pettigrew in the Harry potter franchise as well as Mr. Poe in the film version of A series of unfortunate events back in 2004.

1 James Woods voiced both Hades and Mike Toreno

James Woods Hades Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno was an undercover agent in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with a mysterious and largely unexplored past. Toreno was largely a quest giver for Carl and often used his connections as an agent to entice Carl and others to work for him.

Toreno was voiced by the legendary James Woods, who has had a storied and successful career. Woods brought the iconic character of Hades to life in various formats, from Hercules to the Kingdom Hearts Games. Woods also appeared in several episodes of family guy like himself, resulting in some hilarious interactions and complicated relationships, especially with Peter Griffin.

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